A ‘Voice Cries Out for U.S. Backing…

“Thugs” of the Mujahedeen-e Kalq aka the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MeK /PMOI/ MKO) were recently blamed by Iranian deputy chief of police Ahmad Reza Radan for the Iranian “government’s” violence against the passive masses who have made their dissatisfaction with the quasi-theocracy of Iran well-known over the past week.

While it’s to be expected that an oppressive regime would verbally attack anyone who opposes them (hmmm this sounds familiar, come to think of it…), the insinuations were utterly destroyed by a display of true unity as many expatriates of Iran listened intently to a 4,000 word speech given by the leader of MeK, Mayram Rajavi, in Paris.

In her speech she was adamant that the U.S. leadership take a more pro-active stance on the election fraud & stand behind the protestors of Iran, reminding the audience that former President George W. Bush “negotiated” with Iran 28 times throughout his administration to no avail. She also spoke of the U.S. leadership’s seeming lack of interest in the protestor’s corpses who were wrapped in American flags before being kicked & trampled upon in the cemeteries—regarded as Western spies by the velayat-e faqih.

MeK is a multi-tiered organization known by many names & was placed on the “foreign terrorist groups” list in 1997 by the US State Department in a blatant attempt to appease the Supreme Leader & his fellow clerics & lessen tension between our two countries.

It really seems like it’s been an effective strategy, doesn’t it?

Ask the new “Face of the People of Iran,” the woman whose sacrifice has cast her immortal in the eyes of the people she stood watching & in the eyes of the world. Ask Neda.

After nearly 30 years of the world tolerating & even appeasing this quasi-theocratic brutal regime as it took civilians hostage, paid off terrorist factions to do it’s dirty work, & advanced it’s nuclear arsenal for “peaceful” purposes—Iranian people are finally speaking out.

The Guardian Council has acknowledged fraud took place since votes cast in multiple cities exceeded the number of eligible voters, but all the while tried to side-step the real problem of the initial manipulation of candidates through their hand-selection. Iran’s velayat-e faqih has had unmatched authority to manipulate the people into believing the election process allows their votes to be heard & doesn’t focus on the Council’s agenda.

As soon as Allah was brought into the equation through Khameine’i’s “divine assessment” remarks, there existed no recourse.

The people are no longer buying what’s being sold. They’ve made it abundantly clear to not only their nation, but also to others around the world, that they don’t want a simple recount—they wish to overthrow the current regime, to start anew: “death to the dictator.”

Germany, who has long been one of Iran’s “closest” diplomatic allies, has rejected the regime’s gross violations of human rights, as have many other countries. America has done no more than speak to the abhorrent conditions in Iran—a nation whose leaders in the past stood steadfastly for freedom at every turn doing anything & everything necessary to come to the aid of an oppressed people, but now…what’s been the Obama administration’s first solid move?

Secretary of State Clinton’s rescindment of the “Hot Dog extravaganza” invitations that were extended to the Iranian diplomats for July 4th celebrations at US embassies in multiple countries…

Go, Hillary! “That’ll learn ya, Iran!”

So, what is necessary? What’s the “right” move? …The correct strategy?

What is needed is for the U.S. to take the position that we’ve been known for historically—support the people!

Also, it may be high time to remove the MeK from the terrorist watch list in light of their strong opposition to the genocidal “death cult” more commonly known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose actions speak volumes as to their intentions of destroying the Satan-duo (as referenced in this article & more recently addressed in this one).

MeK has instilled a deep fear in the oppressive Iranian regime & perhaps it’s time for the United States to use that fear to our advantage—but most importantly, to the advantage of Neda & all those like her.

She is a woman that unbeknownst to her, wields power & influence that has ballooned far above the threadbare claims of the Obama administration’s “commitment” to human rights; her story brought to the national scene a depiction of the events in Iran & helped to clearly highlight the current administration’s cowardice. One whose focus on closing supposed “torture” prisons has apparently prevented them from mustering up the nerve to take a pro-active stance against a cruel massacre of innocence that has gone far beyond reprehensible.

A squashing of unalienable rights has taken place & America’s leaders have opted to save-face.

While I could potentially see the argument for blaming the US if we were to “meddle” in the current Iranian affairs—why would the Iranian people be protesting with signage & Twitters in English if they were only looking for help from the Muslim world?

Could that be something for America’s leaders to contemplate?

Perhaps instituting the Sherman-Kirk Amendment (or some other similar sort of economic sanctions), a bi-partisan effort that essentially cuts funding (Export-Import bank financing) to any corporations that export gasoline to Iran, could be a strong enough message to the regime without the use of military pressure. The Sherman-Kirk Amendment also prevents funding corporations who would provide aid to Iran in advancing their refining capabilities.

It would give Obama the opportunity for decisive action as opposed to feel-good rhetoric—it demonstrates that America is still the leader in human rights advocacy. It demonstrates that we’re not all talk, as we are currently portrayed overseas.

It also & maybe most importantly, demonstrates that rogue regimes like Iran & North Korea cannot afford to sequester themselves from the rest of the world without seriously destabilizing their own economies. Whether or not they would like to admit it, they are still reliant on other countries for the success of their own.

The Iranian regime’s validity is now seriously in question & as that realization hits them they will grow increasingly reckless. In an attempt to remedy the loss-of-face they’ve since endured, America & the rest of the world can expect to see Iran surge full-steam ahead with its nuclear program.

With that surge in nuclear capabilities & the probable foiling of the regime’s authority in general, disappear any unrealistic hopes the Obama administration previously had of US-Iranian engagement.

The time is now to support the people—to truly advocate for human rights without regard to race, gender, or religion; to unite—If Obama takes advantage of this opportunity that has presented itself, maybe, just maybe Neda & the other protestors will not have lost their lives in vain.

We can only hope.


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De-facto Amnesty may be next on the Obama agenda

Corruption, beheadings, extortion…sound familiar? At first glance, the Middle East may come to mind—namely the long battle for liberties that America enjoys daily. In reality, this violence is much closer to home—our southern border. We’ve witnessed a rise of violence in Border States for a few years now, but the latest overflow from the human & contraband smuggling business has been devastating to say the least for too many American families & one would hope that it is awakening government officials.

It appears that President Obama & congressional Democrats’ ambitions are truly gargantuan—health care nationalization, running corporations, climate change legislation, not to mention the looming confirmation of Sonya Sotomayor as the Supreme Court replacement for Justice Souter. Still they are seeking, albeit slowly, to push through what they deem “Comprehensive Immigration” legislation—essentially allowing current illegal immigrants to remain in the country by paying a fine & “learning English.”

Obama won close to 67% of the Hispanic vote this past election by promising to “address immigration” during his Administration’s first year in office. Could this be yet another broken promise of the “Campaign Era?” It seems, from the eyes of the American people, that this may be the case after the second attempt at meeting in “bi-partisan” fashion failed this last week due to scheduling difficulties. Conceivably there was more deception than originally noticed—this may be part of a bigger plan that should make every American citizen cringe.

You guessed it! Amnesty.

The President has made little if any serious effort to enforce the laws currently in place, under which the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants (primarily from Mexico) would be considered criminals & subject to deportation laws.

Instead his Administration has “cracked down” on workplace raids, deeming primary responsibility on the business owners, not the illegal immigrants themselves who originally broke the law. Granted, the Department of Homeland Security has agreed to continue building the “virtual fence”—a series of high-tech sensors & cameras along the border—but they have in essence left the door wide open for those already undocumented within the United States who have managed to live “beneath the radar.” By saying that I mean they now have extended access to our healthcare system & government programs which were intended originally to help those in the U.S. legally with fundamentally no penalty for breaking the law.

The Obama Administration has said that they are going to focus on hard-core criminals that are already in the prison systems, amounting to “de-facto” amnesty—a term coined by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). “Having to choose between criminal aliens and other illegal immigrants is a false choice. The administration can and should do both,” he stated.

It should be said here that I give credit where credit is due…prosecuting & deporting the undocumented who are currently serving prison time is a good move. However, focusing only on those who are criminals in ways other than entering the country illegally frustrates the American people. Particularly those who have themselves (or their families) gone through the immigration process legally.

Take for example just this past week, Nevada & California ICE officials, by way of Operation Community Shield, teamed up in a successful attempt to apprehend known illegal aliens with ties to violent street gangs here in Northern Nevada—namely the Carson City & Reno areas.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal, 34 of the 37 illegal immigrants that were apprehended were from Mexico, 2 from El Salvador, & 1 from Nicaragua. The 27 year-old Salvadoran previously did time in the Northern Nevada State Prison for assault & battery with a deadly weapon—he has clear ties with one of the largest transnational gangs in the U.S. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). The others who were arrested & are being held in Washoe County jails have been decisively linked to other violent street gangs, including the most prominent in Northern Nevada—South Side Locotes, the Tokers, & the Infamous Soldiers.

While it’s been reported a few may have been here on Permanent Residency cards, they have since been convicted of crimes in the United States. ICE officials stated that they didn’t seize any drugs or weapons in the latest raid, but do admit that “many of them held counterfeit identity documents.”

So had it not been for these individuals’ street gang ties, they would have remained under the radar & continued life as normal under the current Obama immigration policy.


Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY who currently leads the immigration reform debate, wrote in his latest book “Positively American” that he hoped to institute a “50% solution” for immigration—yes, it’s as sketchy as it sounds—it essentially reduces illegal immigration by 50% while increasing legal immigration by 50%.

It does this through a system that Senator Schumer says will be strict, but sounds like “amnesty for a fee.”

Senator Schumer: If this is the policy for dealing with those already in the United States illegally—just granting amnesty—may I remind you that this approach has been tried before. It has obviously proven ineffective. There is no “check & balance” system and with our already troubled economy, supporting the undocumented is not high on the American people’s priority lists. Please, re-think your “50% Solution.”

Perhaps there is too much on the plates of our leaders…perhaps now is the time to stop, take a step back, & really evaluate what effects this so-called solution will have on America. Perhaps they should remember that they’re here to serve us—the American people—not the interests of people who break our laws in an attempt to enjoy our freedoms.

The majority of Americans are completely supportive of some sort of immigration reform, but this is not the way. This is not “reform” that’s comprehensive or otherwise…it grants the undocumented access to American freedoms by diminishing our values & laws.




‘Manipulation’ or A ‘Divine Assessment’?

According to most foreign news agencies reporting on the Iranian election aftermath, tear gas, burning vehicles, & outright public dissent have been alive & well in the Islamic Republic of Iran since Selection Day, June 12th, much to the behest of the Deputy Chief of Police who maintains everything is under control & the reports are histrionic.

In what’s described by the State-run media as a landslide victory (Ahmadinejad receiving 63% of the nation’s vote, Mousavi 35%, & the remaining 2 candidates each receiving around 1%) it seems that Velayat-e Faqih or “Rule by the Supreme Justice” (Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i) has prevailed.

Khamene’i solicited the Iranian nation on Saturday to unite behind Ahmadinejad, stating it was a “divine assessment.”

Mousavi, despite being reportedly under house-arrest, has officially filed to “cancel the election results” stating unspecified fraud as the prominent reason for his appeal & announcing via web message that he wouldn’t “surrender to this manipulation.” It should be noted that all pro-Mousavi websites have been disbanded by the Iranian government & Kalameh Sabz, “Green Word”, which is Mousavi’s newspaper cannot be found on any newsstands.

Apart from cellular capabilities & social networking sites being out of commission, life in Iran is slowly getting back to normal (*smile*)—the government filter of the Web has been increased to squash dissent & prevent large protests from forming.

Mohammad Reza Khatami, brother of the former President Khatami, was arrested along with 100 others on Saturday night—while officials maintain that they were actually just “summoned…& warned not to increase tensions”—10 were officially charged with “disturbing public opinion” through “false reports” via the internet.

Liberals & Conservatives, please take the next moment to ponder how your lives may change if the 1st Amendment is infringed upon here in America…


Ahmadinejad said Saturday night on a live television broadcast that the foreign media outlets had “organized a full-fledged fight against our [Iranian] people…” and that the dissenting voices & complaints of fraud are completely unfounded & irrelevant to him. He then went on to say “…Who dares to attack Iran? Who even dares to think about it?” (Now, if that doesn’t sound like someone that is open to sitting down & talkin’ ’bout stuff, Idunno who is!)

As was expected by most with any knowledge of the constitutionally-sanctioned Iranian Theocracy, Mousavi did well with young voters, but Ahmadinejad did much better with the stolen & fraudulent ones—yet the question remains, could this be the start of a regime revolt by the country’s youngsters? Has Ayatollah Khamene’i succumbed to Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric or did he select him for a 2nd term with some wild chicanery in play?

It remains to be seen.

I predict, however, that under the portrayed-control of Ahmadinejad & the reality of Velayat-e Faqih, the Western-world is “better off” (if that can be said with a straight-face). Why you say?

The world is well-aware (minus the Obama Administration) that Ahmadinejad is a lunatic.

His face is well-known as the “leader” of a deadly regime & as I stated in my previous article, Mousavi was no “reformist.” While riots in the streets may have been avoided with his winning & subsequent ruling would have been seen as far less threatening to the Western world—it was nothing more than a disguise.

The truth remains—the supreme leader of Iran is the backbone of policy both foreign & domestic and thus, U.S.-Iranian relations & nuclear-fixated Iran will keep on keepin’ on until he [Khamene’i] has been succeeded through death or as Ahmadinejad believes it, the Mahdi returns—at which point, none of this will matter.

Perhaps now the MSM will notice the slap-in-the-face rejection of Obama’s pro-Islamist stance by the Iranian regime themselves—they don’t give a rat’s foot about our “diplomatic relations”—“Forget about it!”

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,526220,00.html

The De-Throning of Ahmadinejad?

This coming Friday, June 12th, has remained relatively hush-hush, but is a pertinent day in history, not just for Iran but for the United States. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could “lose” his re-election & a new leader, namely Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the former Prime Minister of Iran (1981-1989), could step into his shoes.

Mir-Hossein Mousavi has portrayed himself as a “Reformer” & denounced President Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial as well as other statements he’s made. He believes Ahmadinejad’s fanatical foreign policy has desecrated Iran’s reputation globally. However, as Mousavi’s campaign has developed before the eyes of the world, his views, although cloaked by a more Western-cooperative rhetoric, are in direct alignment with the Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei’s.

Will the Supreme Leader give Mousavi the “nod”? Will he determine that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s effectiveness has reached its end in helping his regime? Do the Western cultures even understand the ultimate goal of Iran’s leaders?

We shall soon see.

The belief that a new “front-man” for the regime will mean a replacement of the radical Shia eschatology is a dangerous notion & the U.S. would do well to remember that fact. Anti-Semitism will continue to run as strong as ever through the heart of the Islamic Republic of Iran regardless of who is named President since the term does not hold the same Executive powers as in our cultures.

The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei holds absolute rule & final say on all issues, foreign & domestic.

Many in the Western regions have theorized that Mousavi’s election would mean the end of a nuclear-focused Iran & that the nuclear struggle between Iran & Israel will intensify if Ahmadinejad is re-elected.

In an interview with the Financial Times of the UK, Mousavi explicitly denounced suspending Iran’s nuclear programs stating that “there is a bad memory in this [suspension] regard…” following the previous suspension in 2003.

When asked how a resolution to this issue could come about & how his potential presidency would help, he replied, “…the issue doesn’t only depend on us. It will also depend on the discourse the Americans use & the issues they pursue. The more realistic they become & recognize Iran in this issue; naturally the better the ground will be prepared to find solutions.”

Honestly, I can’t say that President Obama’s recent Middle Eastern address was much help in regards to laying down our countries beliefs & I didn’t expect it would. Since he failed to forge an Arab-Israeli alliance against the “death cult” that currently runs the Iranian regime. And also how their nuclear-focused platform is a large part of the End Times prophecies that they have set out to fulfill. That is their ultimate goal.

President Obama only purported the belief that the decades of tension between our two countries remain our fault by way of our misunderstanding them. So if we were to examine relatively-recent history:

  1. In 1979, they seized OUR embassy. We did not seize theirs.
  2. They held hostage & tortured (truly tortured, not water-boarded) our diplomats. We did not do so to theirs.
  3. They aided in creating in Hizbollah (Hezbollah) similar to a Christian & Jewish-annihilating task force. America did not.
  4. Americans (as a Country) do not deny the Holocaust or call for the wiping of Israel off the map.
  5. We as a country do not believe we must “hasten the return of the Mahdi” by killing tens of millions of people to bring back our Messiah. Iran does.

And finally, we as a nation are not calling for the annihilation of Iran or its people.

Iran is calling for the annihilation of the United States of America.

And so, Iran will continue to sleep peacefully after the election of whichever candidate is selected it seems, since our current government body tiptoes around the Middle Eastern landmines & enforces nothing.

Either way, both countries have a scary 4 years ahead of them. Wake up, America.