“Remembering a Fallen Soldier…” by Brigitte Gabriel

I received this via email earlier this morning & for the life of me could not get it out of my head. It’s a clear & sobering reminder that walks hand in hand with the events of the last week or so.

Take a moment & read Brigitte’s letter…then, I encourage you to visit the website.

Remember the fallen soldiers & honor them as Nevada welcomes home one of our own, Pfc. Thomas Lyons who leaves behind a wife & 3-month old baby.

God bless everyone fighting for freedom in America & abroad.


Remembering a Fallen Soldier…

Remembering What We Are Up Against and Why We Must – and Will – Prevail

by Brigitte Gabriel

I don’t believe I’ve ever written a letter quite like this to you before.

Indeed, it is difficult to write this without tears welling up in my eyes.

It started as a rainy Friday morning in late August. I was flying from my presentation in Springfield, Missouri, to my next destination connecting through Atlanta. Little did I know that what I was about to experience that day was going to shake me to the depth of my soul, inflame my passion for our country (I didn’t think it was possible to be more passionate) and remind me why ACT! for America is so important to our security and the future of America.

I looked out my window at gloomy Atlanta as the plane took off, closed my eyes and pictured home and my loving family meeting me at the airport with open arms, smiles and kisses, waiting to whisk me off to Outback Steak House for dinner as planned.

It was a quiet, uneventful flight. No beverage service. No announcements from the captain — until we landed at our final destination:

“Welcome to “…….” . Ladies and Gentleman we have a special request to ask of you. We are carrying on this plane today a fallen soldier brought home from Afghanistan. His body is accompanied by Sgt. “……”. Please kindly allow Sgt. “….” to deplane first so he can do his job in escorting the body below. We will leave the seat belt sign on until the body has been taken off the plane. Then when the seat belt sign is turned off, you can deplane.”

The plane continued slowly down the runway as the captain’s shocking announcement reverberated among the passengers. As we taxied closer to our gate, tears began to flow as we saw a police car, a military hearse, and a team of Marines standing in formation waiting to carry the body. And the saddest scene of all — his family, wife and children, all lined up against the wall waiting for him.

Burning tears were flowing down my face as my heart sank into utter pain and agony at such a sight. We always hear about this on the news and feel sad but to experience it in person is completely different. We pulled up to our gate and Sgt. “….” stood up in all his gloriously decorated uniform, opened up the overhead compartment carrying a folded American flag and a back pack, and started walking out of the plane amid the clapping and tears of all of us on board.

No one in the plane even touched their cell phone. People were transfixed, staring out the window, sharing our respect and sorrow.

At that moment we were not Democrats, Republicans or Independents. We were Americans soberly watching one of our own come home in a coffin draped with an American flag.

As they removed the body from the plane, two men holding his wife started walking towards the plane as the wife covered her face and began sobbing. She was followed by her children. The Marines walked in formation and carried his body to the hearse.

We started getting out of our seats and deplaning without a word from anyone except the sounds of crying coming from different people looking out the window as they walked out of the plane.

As I entered the airport, people were standing in lines and rows facing the window watching all this. Some men were saluting the body. We all stood next to each other, honoring this soldier until his body was finally in the hearse and he was driven off the tarmac.

It was the most sobering, heartbreaking, and patriotic scene. As I cried for the following few hours sitting with my family at home eating Chinese take-out for dinner (I just wasn’t up to going out for dinner), I was reminded of why we need to continually remind Americans that we are at war.

Our men and women are fighting and dying overseas to protect America from an enemy who is not only fighting us across the globe but also advancing here at home. Just because we have not been successfully attacked at home doesn’t mean our enemy has forgotten about us. Their tactics have become more sophisticated. They not only wish to attack us militarily, they are moving at full speed in the advance of their cultural Jihad invading America. Islamic foot-washing basins in airports; Shariah finance being introduced by American banks; college campuses designating Islamic prayer rooms for Muslims only; Islamic compounds practicing Shariah law springing up across America; public schools using our tax dollars to indoctrinate American students into Islam; demands by Muslim parents that their children be provided private prayer rooms in their public schools; Muslim workers demanding special workplace accommodations no other religious person would ask for; and the list goes on.

As history demonstrates, only organized resistance will stop this. Unopposed by organized resistance, the advance of cultural Jihad in Europe has proceeded to the point that many think a full-blown “Eurabia” is inevitable and irreversible. And even if we win the war against Islamic terrorism, but lose the struggle against cultural Jihad here at home, we may protect our safety but lose our liberties and our way of life.

I just don’t believe this young man who fell on the field of battle would consider that a victory. “Freedom” is not just freedom from the physical harm our Islamist enemies want to inflict on us. It is freedom from the tyranny and oppression of shariah Islamic law and the supremacist political ideology our enemies are determined to impose upon us.

So, just as that soldier was on the front lines of this war overseas, we are on the “front lines” here at home. That soldier was part of the “organized resistance” in Afghanistan. We are part of the “organized resistance” here in America. We cannot afford to fail in our military missions overseas. Failure would embolden and empower Islamists throughout the world. We also cannot afford to fail here at home.

This is why I appeal to you to take heart and help me continue building ACT! for America. We are the only nationwide organized resistance to this threat. As I said, we are the front lines here at home. Our families, our communities and our nation are depending on us, even though many do not yet realize it.

For instance, two years ago ACT helped pass the bill in Congress that protects every citizen from lawsuits when they report suspicious activity in public places.

How many Americans know this happened? Very few. Yet they are now protected from lawsuits, which means America is safer as a result.

I know there are other issues right now, such as health care and the economy, that are dominating the attention of the American people. And I understand why that is. But for those of us, you and me, who grasp the seriousness of the threat of radical Islam, we must continue to do everything we can to make sure that the reason 9/11 occurred is not forgotten. That the reason we are fighting in Afghanistan is not forgotten.

We must continue to push forward, to inform, organize, and ring the alarm bells, even when it feels like a lot of people aren’t paying attention right now or don’t seem to “get it.” Because there are many good Americans out there ready to respond to our message, if we can only get it to them.

Because we are the modern “Paul Revere’s,” the messengers who are warning America even when a lot of America is preoccupied with other matters. It is estimated that over 2/3 of the colonists either were loyal to Britain or were indifferent to the political struggles the colonies were experiencing in 1776. Yet, through the leadership and sacrifice of the remaining colonists, independence was declared and Britain was defeated.

How I wish I could be standing in your presence this very moment, to grasp your hands, look into your eyes, and say “be encouraged!” We will win this struggle against radical Islam. It won’t be tomorrow, or next year, but we will, in time, prevail — so long as good, patriotic Americans like you do not lose hope and keep taking action. We are winning victories, and we will continue to win more – and bigger – victories, so long as good, patriotic Americans like you do not lose hope and keep taking action. Let’s remember how far we have come together. In less than two years we have built the largest grassroots organization in America dedicated to combating the threat of radical Islam, with 62,000 members and 315 local chapters. Be encouraged!

I want to close with this.

Last week, when Guy Rodgers and I were at the EMP conference in Niagara, NY, the president of a national security organization sat down with us and thanked us profusely for what ACT! for America is doing and has already accomplished. I wish you could have seen his face and heard his words. This is a man who has served at high levels of government and been around Washington politics for decades. His message to us – and ultimately to you – was that ACT! for America is KEY to all our efforts to defeat radical Islam. He has watched us grow, witnessed our activism, and rejoiced for our victories. So I’ll say it again. Be encouraged!

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel


9/11: Don’t allow America to again become complacent

I awoke this morning with a deep, sinking feeling (as I do each year on this day) at the thought of the thousands of lives snuffed out in a few moments of time. I typically go about my business, silently pray for each family affected by this not-so-distant memory, and watch the memorials on my television screen across the rest of America.  

Today—September 11, 2009—was different.
I scanned channels; swept quickly over social networking sites…I was stunned.
My eyes have been red & my voice has been cracked. This year’s anniversary of the slaughtering of thousands of Americans has awoken me to a reality I don’t much care for, to a horrifying truth…A truth that has so affected my mood today that it has evidently ensured I am one of the final posts on this topic today.
America has largely forgotten the tragedies of 8 years ago.
People will say that this is merely my “hatred” of the new administration, but I can honestly say it is not. I take issue with many a decision they have made, but the problem is much larger. The problem lies within politicians with self-serving agendas, special interest groups, political correctness—the list goes on & on.
The Leftist underbelly of the MSM continues to chip away at the significance of 9/11 & works to distract from the meaning behind the attacks, but in the name of what? A National Day of Service & Remembrance which will focus on Education, Health, Energy/Environment, and Community Renewal.
So, I’m curious, as I’m sure many are, how these particular areas of focus relate to remembering September 11, 2001?
Perhaps that’s the point.
As can be expected, the original news footage has largely disappeared from all networks because they pretend to know what’s “best for us.” Few in the MSM actually wish to remember the victims. Few wish to focus on the brave men & women of Flight 93 who went down fighting for their lives & the lives of their fellow Americans.
No one in the MSM wishes to remember the parades & celebrations that took place overseas when the enemies of America—when the TERRORISTS—slaughtered nearly 3,000 people on U.S. soil.
The media & many politicians wish Americans to forget that we were attacked for the values we hold dear. We were attacked by individuals who don’t follow our rules or laws; by individuals who don’t care to listen to what we may have to say; by individuals hell-bent on destroying our civilization in its entirety.
Whether the elite wish to acknowledge it or not, radical Islam is at war with America in the struggle between good & evil.
There is no “reasoning” with terrorists & radicals of any kind. Many prominent individuals wish you to forget that.
Don’t. Humanity stands beside us.
There are countless days every year in which Americans can renew their service to their communities, to education, to energy & the environment…but there is only one September 11th each year. There is only one day each year when 3,000 souls lost their precious lives in an instant; there is only one day each year when the children & families of these people learned that their loved ones would never return—September 11th should be a day of remembrance, solemn & strong. It should be a day in which every American renews their commitment to the security of their families, friends, and that of every other American citizen.
If you wish for education to be your focus: Educate your children on why America was attacked on September 11th. Educate your children on what it means to be “American.” Educate your children about the brave souls that lost their lives that day & those who continue to fight for our freedoms in spite of their dwindling support from those who “lead” liberty at home.
Honor the fallen men & women, like local Nevadan Pfc. Thomas Lyons KIA just a few days ago in Iraq, leaving behind a wife & a 3-month old baby.
If you wish for community renewal to be your focus: Planting trees, changing light bulbs, etc. can be considered little else but trivializations of the memory of each life lost. If volunteering is your aim in your community, then volunteer for those that serve you—military service men & women, firefighters, paramedics, & police officers. Write them letters, send them care packages… just let them know how grateful you are for everything they do.
Display your American flag proudly in front of your home…explain to your children why Old Glory waves to this day as she does…
I, for one, don’t wish to live in the America that takes for granted liberty & prosperity.
I don’t wish to live in the America where divisive actions, self-serving actions, social agendas are the primary focus of a government that was intended to represent me.
I’m tired of living in a place where the complicity of the MSM & educators in our schools praise individuals like Barbara Kingsolver in all their hypocrisy…Every year I read this article & every year it makes my blood boil.
“Patriotism seems to be falling to whoever claims it loudest, and we’re left struggling to find a definition in a clamor of reaction. This is what I’m hearing: Patriotism opposes the lone representative of democracy who was brave enough to vote her conscience instead of following an angry mob. (Several others have confessed they wanted to vote the same way, but chickened out.) Patriotism threatens free speech with death. It is infuriated by thoughtful hesitation, constructive criticism of our leaders and pleas for peace. It despises people of foreign birth who’ve spent years learning our culture and contributing their talents to our economy. It has specifically blamed homosexuals, feminists and the American Civil Liberties Union. In other words,
the American flag stands for intimidation, censorship, violence, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and shoving the Constitution through a paper shredder? Who are we calling terrorists here? Outsiders can destroy airplanes and buildings, but it is only we, the people, who have the power to demolish our own ideals.
It’s a fact of our culture that the loudest mouths get the most airplay, and the loudmouths are saying now that in times of crisis it is treasonous to question our leaders. Nonsense. That kind of thinking let fascism grow out of the international depression of the 1930s. In critical times, our leaders need most to be influenced by the moderating force of dissent. That is the basis of democracy, in sickness and in health, and especially when national choices are difficult, and bear grave consequences.
It occurs to me that my patriotic duty is to recapture my flag from the men now waving it in the name of jingoism and censorship. This isn’t easy for me.”

The “America” Ms. Kingsolver just described has always been the antithesis of the America I grew up in.
I can only pray to God that it remains that way.
So even now, 8 years after this atrocity was perpetrated against our civilians & anyone who holds our values close to their hearts, I urge you—don’t become complacent.
Don’t forget.
Watch the footage & cry—I do. I still am overwhelmed with anger, shock, horror…you name it, and I feel it.
So, please remember the way you felt that day. Help others to remember who are too young or who have gotten caught up in the everyday hustle & bustle.
Remember the hopelessness, the anger, the fear, the love you felt for others and most of all—remember to cling to the truth at all costs, as ugly as it may be.
God bless the United States of America.
In addition, I urge you to put partisanship aside & pre-conceived notions of Glenn Beck…WATCH THIS EMOTION, WATCH THIS PASSION, WATCH THE HONORING OF ALL THAT LOST THEIR LIVES.

The ‘specifics’ turned comedic mystery on Healthcare Reform according to Obama administration

Comedic mystery abounded from the POTUS address last night—which MSM’ers would lead you to believe had the same effects as Ronald Reagan’s address against socialized medicine (Similarities, anyone?)—including VPOTUS Biden cluing in the rest of America as to yet another of his many talents…Anyone who has yet to become aware, he is among the first in his position to literally sleep with his eyes open during the President’s address.

The stated purpose of this primetime buy-out according to the Whitehouse was not just to quell fears stemming from “disinformation,” but to lay out SPECIFICS of the proposed plan. Mission accomplished? Not a chance! Not only were specifics not the focus of this address, but after using the much expected Conservative-speak, President Obama attempted to draw parallels between his administration & that of Theodore Roosevelt where there weren’t many positives to draw & to push aside the “politics as usual” partisanship by laying blame for the state of the current health care system at the feet of insurance companies, health care providers, and of course—Capitalism.

First things first, are there many Americans who are aware of “savings” surpluses within the Medicare system? Are there any Americans aware of such savings? And if eliminating wasteful spending & overages were truly the government’s objective, would they not have done this prior to aiming at revamping the entire system? Why would you pump money into a system that is already faltering as a result of insufficient funds?

The tone of the speech & largely the message itself reminds any historian of FDR’s proposal for Social Security legislation, in which he said the following,

“[Economic] security was attained in the earlier days through the interdependence of members of families upon each other & of the families within a small community upon each other. The complexities of great communities & of organized industry make less real these simple means of security. Therefore, we are compelled to employ the active interest of the Nation as a whole through government in order to encourage a greater security for each individual who composes it…This seeking for a greater measure of welfare & happiness does not indicate a change in values. It is rather a return to values lost in the course of our economic development & expansion.” (Underline mine.)

It’s clear that President Obama, like FDR before him, equates Capitalism & technological progress with the downfall of America. He continues to employ government as the solution for the many crises that arise & shouldn’t go to waste with a self-serving agenda that will ultimately (like Social Security, Medicare programs) be to the detriment of all Americans, present & future.

It became evident in last night’s address that this isn’t about reforming health care so as to make it more available to Americans. Nor is it about increasing the quality of care that is provided. It most certainly isn’t about allowing the free-markets & competition to play out with the best providers rising from the ashes.

The goal is to hold the purse strings of the American people from this generation forward. The goal is to entangle every American & their children in one of the largest safety illusions this country has ever seen. The goal is addicting the people of this country to a controlled-substance that’s long been lurking in the shadows…government entitlements.

If the purpose were truly centralized around reform & helping the Americans that “fall through the cracks,” it is disingenuous on the part of the proponents of this legislation to neglect mentioning the “quick fix” with long-term positive results for at least one of the major aspects of health care that President Obama spoke of last night (i.e. losing coverage if you lose your job, move, change jobs, etc.)…I know it’s a difficult concept for many a Statist to grasp, but by simply lifting the governmental controls currently riddling the system with “problems,” and thus allowing interstate commerce for health insurance coverage…that problem disappears.

It’s merely one humble suggestion.

For an administration & campaign that was centralized upon changing the status-quo in Washington & positively promoting America’s image around the world, the Obama administration has certainly gone off-track. With the call by Obama to “…get to a point where we can have conversation…without vitriol, without name calling” it’s at least ironic that the Americans who are understandably opposed to this “sweeping” fake-reform, are vilified as mobs, etc. by the Whitehouse & other prominent “leaders.”

So in the spirit of bi-partisanship & non-vitriolic conversations on issues important to America, the final lesson to be learned from last night’s address is this:

If you feel at any time that you are losing your audience when discussing higher taxation & greater personal regulation, blame Bush!

“The Government Can” – Tim Hawkins

During a time in this great country when Americans feel more distanced from their “representatives” than ever…this video hits home.

Originally seen on the 9/12 Project website, this video is correctly described as “making you laugh…& yet making you cry.”

Wake up, uninformed America! We have a long road ahead of us which will only be exacerbated by the current government’s choices. 

Remind them they work for you!