Reid’s Life-Raft is Deflating in Nevada

The political future of Nevada’s “race-savvy” Senator Harry Reid hangs in the balance—a place he’s never quite been before—when a recent Las Vegas Review Journal poll showed that only a third of Nevada’s registered voters would vote in favor of his re-election if the 2010 election were held today.

Reid’s survival depends, like many Democrats up for re-election, on a few factors, among them his whimsical mouth and financial backing.

He’s no stranger to Freudian slips & definitely not to pre-orchestrated hate speech. He’s been well-known in Nevada for calling President Bush a “loser & liar” while giving a speech to schoolchildren; declaring his “undying” support for the “lost” war in Iraq; “supporting” local businesses by telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s director that he “hopes they go out of business;” exploiting the death of Senator Kennedy as a key means to “help” him pass Obamacare; and most recently, the GOP slave-master references…

Of course, these come as no surprise to Nevadans & we’re sure to see many more between now & the 2010 election. The question is how deep the lifeboat holding Nevada’s “representative” will sink…

According to that same LVRJ poll set, a whopping 53% of Nevadans polled do not support the health reform legislation Mr. Reid has proposed & supports. Only 39% of Nevadans are in favor, demonstrating a pretty significant drop in approval numbers since October when the split was 49% -40%.

So why, Senator Reid, do you continue to tout this bill (constantly in decline) as the Insurance of a Lifetime? Are you a representative of Nevada’s people or do you just work for the “Big Guy?”

Errr, wait—the ultra-Liberal left is always for the “forgotten man.” Point noted.

It could be said that Reid should focus a bit more on the state with the second highest unemployment rate in the nation from which he claims to sprout…But, perhaps he’s too distracted with fixing the housing crisis? Ooops, we lead the nation in foreclosures too. Oh, I got it! He’s focused on helping Nevadans keep more of the money we make with a serious return on our “investments!” Darn! It seems unfortunate that Nevadans get back 65 cents for every dollar we send to Washington…

Whilst your piggy-bank may be bursting at the snout, your coins & career are corroding as should be your pride. Senator Reid, your state is turning against you & the job-crushing, future-depriving proposals that you praise daily are in no way winning us back.


3 thoughts on “Reid’s Life-Raft is Deflating in Nevada

  1. Nice post, took me a while to get back but your still on it, nice job. Do me a small favor, run for Senate in Nevada, we could use the help back here in the East and besides if you get elected which you would, you get great health care since the new bill won’t apply to you.

  2. Clay Barham

    Every family should have a “go to” person who can give answers to political and issue concerns, as suggested by Rush Limbaugh. Learning how means starting at the roots, the beginnings and differences between two sides of the same coin, which is all there is. One side is long established, where the few rule the many, irrespective of their labels. The other side is the newest, that of individual freedom and limited government. Why do many follow each side, and why the conflict between them? What side do current issues come from, such as health care, cap and trade as well as amnesty for illegal immigrants? What side of the coin most impacts the lives of your family, to whom you provide the answers? Call up for the roots of both sides and improve your understanding of the issues so you have the answers.

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