9/11: Don’t allow America to again become complacent

I awoke this morning with a deep, sinking feeling (as I do each year on this day) at the thought of the thousands of lives snuffed out in a few moments of time. I typically go about my business, silently pray for each family affected by this not-so-distant memory, and watch the memorials on my television screen across the rest of America.  

Today—September 11, 2009—was different.
I scanned channels; swept quickly over social networking sites…I was stunned.
My eyes have been red & my voice has been cracked. This year’s anniversary of the slaughtering of thousands of Americans has awoken me to a reality I don’t much care for, to a horrifying truth…A truth that has so affected my mood today that it has evidently ensured I am one of the final posts on this topic today.
America has largely forgotten the tragedies of 8 years ago.
People will say that this is merely my “hatred” of the new administration, but I can honestly say it is not. I take issue with many a decision they have made, but the problem is much larger. The problem lies within politicians with self-serving agendas, special interest groups, political correctness—the list goes on & on.
The Leftist underbelly of the MSM continues to chip away at the significance of 9/11 & works to distract from the meaning behind the attacks, but in the name of what? A National Day of Service & Remembrance which will focus on Education, Health, Energy/Environment, and Community Renewal.
So, I’m curious, as I’m sure many are, how these particular areas of focus relate to remembering September 11, 2001?
Perhaps that’s the point.
As can be expected, the original news footage has largely disappeared from all networks because they pretend to know what’s “best for us.” Few in the MSM actually wish to remember the victims. Few wish to focus on the brave men & women of Flight 93 who went down fighting for their lives & the lives of their fellow Americans.
No one in the MSM wishes to remember the parades & celebrations that took place overseas when the enemies of America—when the TERRORISTS—slaughtered nearly 3,000 people on U.S. soil.
The media & many politicians wish Americans to forget that we were attacked for the values we hold dear. We were attacked by individuals who don’t follow our rules or laws; by individuals who don’t care to listen to what we may have to say; by individuals hell-bent on destroying our civilization in its entirety.
Whether the elite wish to acknowledge it or not, radical Islam is at war with America in the struggle between good & evil.
There is no “reasoning” with terrorists & radicals of any kind. Many prominent individuals wish you to forget that.
Don’t. Humanity stands beside us.
There are countless days every year in which Americans can renew their service to their communities, to education, to energy & the environment…but there is only one September 11th each year. There is only one day each year when 3,000 souls lost their precious lives in an instant; there is only one day each year when the children & families of these people learned that their loved ones would never return—September 11th should be a day of remembrance, solemn & strong. It should be a day in which every American renews their commitment to the security of their families, friends, and that of every other American citizen.
If you wish for education to be your focus: Educate your children on why America was attacked on September 11th. Educate your children on what it means to be “American.” Educate your children about the brave souls that lost their lives that day & those who continue to fight for our freedoms in spite of their dwindling support from those who “lead” liberty at home.
Honor the fallen men & women, like local Nevadan Pfc. Thomas Lyons KIA just a few days ago in Iraq, leaving behind a wife & a 3-month old baby.
If you wish for community renewal to be your focus: Planting trees, changing light bulbs, etc. can be considered little else but trivializations of the memory of each life lost. If volunteering is your aim in your community, then volunteer for those that serve you—military service men & women, firefighters, paramedics, & police officers. Write them letters, send them care packages… just let them know how grateful you are for everything they do.
Display your American flag proudly in front of your home…explain to your children why Old Glory waves to this day as she does…
I, for one, don’t wish to live in the America that takes for granted liberty & prosperity.
I don’t wish to live in the America where divisive actions, self-serving actions, social agendas are the primary focus of a government that was intended to represent me.
I’m tired of living in a place where the complicity of the MSM & educators in our schools praise individuals like Barbara Kingsolver in all their hypocrisy…Every year I read this article & every year it makes my blood boil.
“Patriotism seems to be falling to whoever claims it loudest, and we’re left struggling to find a definition in a clamor of reaction. This is what I’m hearing: Patriotism opposes the lone representative of democracy who was brave enough to vote her conscience instead of following an angry mob. (Several others have confessed they wanted to vote the same way, but chickened out.) Patriotism threatens free speech with death. It is infuriated by thoughtful hesitation, constructive criticism of our leaders and pleas for peace. It despises people of foreign birth who’ve spent years learning our culture and contributing their talents to our economy. It has specifically blamed homosexuals, feminists and the American Civil Liberties Union. In other words,
the American flag stands for intimidation, censorship, violence, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and shoving the Constitution through a paper shredder? Who are we calling terrorists here? Outsiders can destroy airplanes and buildings, but it is only we, the people, who have the power to demolish our own ideals.
It’s a fact of our culture that the loudest mouths get the most airplay, and the loudmouths are saying now that in times of crisis it is treasonous to question our leaders. Nonsense. That kind of thinking let fascism grow out of the international depression of the 1930s. In critical times, our leaders need most to be influenced by the moderating force of dissent. That is the basis of democracy, in sickness and in health, and especially when national choices are difficult, and bear grave consequences.
It occurs to me that my patriotic duty is to recapture my flag from the men now waving it in the name of jingoism and censorship. This isn’t easy for me.”

The “America” Ms. Kingsolver just described has always been the antithesis of the America I grew up in.
I can only pray to God that it remains that way.
So even now, 8 years after this atrocity was perpetrated against our civilians & anyone who holds our values close to their hearts, I urge you—don’t become complacent.
Don’t forget.
Watch the footage & cry—I do. I still am overwhelmed with anger, shock, horror…you name it, and I feel it.
So, please remember the way you felt that day. Help others to remember who are too young or who have gotten caught up in the everyday hustle & bustle.
Remember the hopelessness, the anger, the fear, the love you felt for others and most of all—remember to cling to the truth at all costs, as ugly as it may be.
God bless the United States of America.
In addition, I urge you to put partisanship aside & pre-conceived notions of Glenn Beck…WATCH THIS EMOTION, WATCH THIS PASSION, WATCH THE HONORING OF ALL THAT LOST THEIR LIVES.

“The Government Can” – Tim Hawkins

During a time in this great country when Americans feel more distanced from their “representatives” than ever…this video hits home.

Originally seen on the 9/12 Project website, this video is correctly described as “making you laugh…& yet making you cry.”

Wake up, uninformed America! We have a long road ahead of us which will only be exacerbated by the current government’s choices. 

Remind them they work for you!  


The assault by Progressive America spans party lines as the citizens lose their freedoms

The “change” voted into office a few short months ago was supposed to represent an overhaul in the “culture” that had become Washington—lies, corruption, blame, & partisanship. The candidate that was supposed to help unify & unite Americans—the “transcending racial barriers” candidate—this mere mortal man has created rifts so deep in the American psyche & deepened already existing ones such that race & color have become the least of the social issues. Now the government uses moral coercion to gain the American people’s support for their drastic overhaul & “fundamental change” in America. “Change” in and of itself arrived under the false “crises” premise as it usually does. Government handouts, entitlements, & wasteful spending describe the entirety of the current government’s “plan” for ‘recovery in America’—shredding an already fragile Constitution by playing on the fears of the public—“Destruction through Distraction.” 

Bankers, Wall Street, oil companies, Republicans, Libertarians, Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, and don’t forget the racists—all collectively to blame, but there exists not a second mention of the legislating body who implemented policies & regulations that worked to destroy what was left of laissez-faire markets. The government, by way of tapping the taxpayers, owns the largest chunk of private industry in history & just like could be expected, the taxpayer unwillingly forfeits any return on their “investment” in America’s future. 

Welcome to the New America. 

Do Americans believe that capitalism & free markets are the cause for the instabilities our country faces? No, they don’t. Could Americans finally be realizing that the direction the government takes us is inevitably the wrong one for not only our country, but also for our families & individual circumstances? 


Glenn Beck states in his recent book most properly titled, “Common Sense: the Case against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine,” 

“You cannot take away freedom to protect it, you cannot destroy the free-market to save it, & you cannot uphold freedom of speech by silencing those with whom you disagree. To take rights away to defend them or to spend your way out of debt defies common sense.”  

He couldn’t be more accurate. 

  1. “Taking away freedom to protect it”- The 2nd Amendment, for example, has been under assault for years. Regulations & restrictions have been placed on citizens, infringing on their right to bear arms, yet are often disguised as “precautions” to “keep people safe…” Operating under this “theory” would entail strict adherence to “people don’t kill people, guns kill people…” The direct assault tactic to disarm the people is uncommon, but rather the regulations & restrictions that consistently grow stronger, weaken the people’s ability to protect themselves & their families. The right to bear arms as originally intended is floundering.  
  2. “Destroy the free-market to save it” – By way of bailouts for financial institutions & car dealerships, Americans have watched silently as the government “saved private companies deemed too large to fail,” selling out to Unions & special-interest groups. The entire deal is eerily reminiscent of 1963 when railroad unions demanded the government nationalize railroads to preserve [ultimately useless & unnecessary] jobs by “preventing human disaster on their one-way track of making profit at human expense.” Like the totality of the Statist’s agenda, “moral imperatives” or “humanitarian” efforts are not targeting only the “rich,” but actually undercutting successful & competent people of all income levels. What’s portrayed as a “redistribution” of profit & wealth is actually much more than that—an undermining of not only business achievement, but of Capitalism and thus, the original American system itself. 
  3. “Uphold freedom of speech by silencing dissent” – Earlier this month, even after the defeat of the original Fairness Doctrine, the FCC named attorney Mark Lloyd their new Chief Diversity Officer. Mr. Lloyd was not only the Senior Fellow at the uber-liberal CAP organization, but he also recently (and I do mean June 2007 recent) co-wrote a report entitled, “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” in which he discussed re-enforcing “localism” and its use as a weapon to cut down on the number of Conservative & Christian radio broadcasts that exist. Not only is Mr. Lloyd condoning censorship in effect, he is yet another one of the wealth redistributors so common-place in America today. His policies seek to mandate that conservative radio stations pay a fine of up to $250 million per year, which would then be directly funneled into National Public Radio where there are more liberal voices. So, the question remains…what entitles a person or company to make use of something by taking it forcibly from others, particularly when they didn’t themselves contribute to its existence? If freedom of speech ever fully dies in America, the origin of its fall will be clearly traced back to the broadcasting industry.

The reality remains that any & all power the government now has, we have given to them. 

An uninvolved people will fail to notice as their liberties give way to government control. 

The American people must cease to allow others to tell them that their “rights” are to be solely established by the government.   


There is a struggle between two cultures in America today: freedom & responsibility versus control & dependence. 

“Freedom” within the scope of this political struggle means “freedom from government coercion” and that alone. The delusion that this struggle either doesn’t exist or is vastly different from the conflicts between the Individual & the State that have been waged before under various names—fascism, Nazism, socialism, feudalism, & even the “Welfare State”—is astounding & can be partially contributed to poor history lessons & false propaganda. If what a people truly desire is “freedom” within the intended context, then there exists but ONE solution—Capitalism in its entirety. It is the only moral system that serves both the political & economic aspects of life, guaranteeing man’s individual rights, thus defending them. 

Ayn Rand chronicled the state of European countries & the inevitable direction America is headed best when she said, 

…It is only after men have chosen slavery & dictatorship that they can begin the usual gang warfare of socialized countries—today, it is called pressure-group warfare—over whose gang will rule, who will enslave whom, whose property will be plundered for whose benefit, & who will be sacrificed to whose “noble” purpose.” 


Ayn Rand describes the actions recently taken by our government as “anti-concepts” or succinctly the act of under-handedly destroying particular concepts without discussion. 

How is this accomplished in modern-day America? By summersaulting with semantics, of course! Anyone taking “Hope & Change” for .50 cents? Anyone? Anyone? 

Progressives often find themselves in a battle with vocabulary as they strive to disguise their ultimate goal & the steps that such a culture-shock would require. As we’ve witnessed most recently during the health care meetings, words are used to distract & cause commotion—“deathers,” swastikas, Hitler, racist, brown-shirts, etc—while in the next breath, “moral imperatives” are the “true” means & reasons for passing what Americans are showing overwhelming opposition to.   

Take for example the White House & the Left having deemed all Town Hall participants as “Right-wing Extremists”& Astroturf plants—and then recall the Texas Obama Delegate, I mean DOCTOR—& one would surmise that slandering American citizens had become a new summer recess blood-sport for our “leaders.” 

So break it down… 

“Extreme” has the potential to be anything so long as it is “great in degree.” In saying that all of the Town Hall people are “Right-wing Extremists,” the Left has done themselves a disservice not just by attacking citizens & portraying them under false pretenses, but also by assuming that these individuals are people separate from the “average American.” 

What makes them separate & who determines the “average” definition? Does the fact that these citizens hold an opinion opposite of the government’s automatically make them “extreme,” militia members, KKK, political terrorists, mobs, or fascists? 

Or do you believe, like Professor Marc Lamont Hill, that because the Town Hall meetings are attended by the       elderly white population (who essentially grew up as racists in a different time), that there is a reason for such categorizing? I mean, what sort of racists would work to overthrow Hitler’s death squads & free the Jewish people & all of occupied Europe? The audacity! 

The Left would do well to remember that plenty of “crazies” who now are essentially common definitions of terms like “Communist,” “Racist,” or “Terrorist” come from “their side”—trust me…we don’t want to start playing this game! 


The Progressive movement in general is antithetical—they paint what is not evil, as evil; what is evil, as noble; they disguise immorality as morality & vice-versa. However, don’t mistake the “Progressive” movement as merely the Democrats or Liberals, both parties are guilty in this “living document” Constitutional destruction match. The American people have elected “Conservatives” (by name only) who fail to advocate for those very principles against Statism & the Liberal causes; they (Conservatives) attempt to stealthily defend the most moral & yet misunderstood system in the world. They apologize for Capitalism around every corner, while reaping the benefits of such a system in their own careers & lives.   

Americans in general play by the rules be that by paying taxes, obtaining credit they can afford to use, purchasing/applying for firearms & ammunition legally (as well as hunting & fishing permits)—now they are watching their government as it grows more bold & decisive becoming the antithesis to their own actions. Everything from ‘sweetheart’ mortgages, printing money, spending recklessly as if America’s economy were a board game—Hell, even poker champions are more frugal with their placing of bets! To the point where even drunken sailors would receive the benefit of the doubt here… 

The American people have allowed their country to be taken over by a “living monster.” That monster is the government & in the words of Howard Dean, “It’s time to take America back!” The government that was specifically structured to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is long gone. Americans have permitted the loss of their freedoms by sitting idly by as the government systematically dismembers these liberties in the name of “protection.” We’ve witnessed multiple full-fledged assaults & utter disregard by the government for the Rule of Law & America’s Constitution and American citizens are paying the price.

So as the Obama Administration sets up their “citizen-fishy-spy force” under new names & as our supposed leaders target any & all dissenting voices, I’m unsure if this vilification of “average” Americans—err, I mean “Extremists”—could be more “in your face.” 

Take that, Saul Alinsky.