Life & MLK’s Dream

Even some fifty years after MLK’s Dream was heard across the nation, the racial dynamics of a country as complex as America are still muddled. Confusion abounds on all levels & in a nation most divided, MLK’s Dream lies in limbo, just as it has before…Many people of color, whichever color that may be, are uncertain what qualifies as progress in the race arena & what constitutes racial barriers being broken. Race is not nearly as clear-cut as the glass-ceiling theory for women which plagued our nation for years, but was no less important.

To some members of the older generation serious progress has been made—walls have been scaled, canyons leapt, & bridges built between segregation & modern-times—yet, our communities of color (to whom this man is said to have meant so much) continue to be riddled with poverty, crime, and moral deterioration.
I’m hopeful that progress, true & meaningful, is on the horizon.
In a recent development, the Pew Research Center compiled data that revealed the majority of blacks now feel their own social & financial progress is their personal responsibility. In 2009, 52% of the black population does NOT contribute racial prejudice as the factor in the under-achievement of our inner-city communities. A far cry from the past few decades during which the black population expressed that their only hindrance was racial prejudice.
And while many people mark the election of President Obama as the greatest step forward since the Emancipation Proclamation, it’s difficult to disregard the stark contrast in values between the men. We shouldn’t pretend to know for which side of the aisle MLK would currently cast his vote, but his value system & faith in our Creator never faltered & shouldn’t be forgotten. Nowhere could that be more true than his stance on abortion, or as he referred to it, “a racist, genocidal act…”
While President Obama has openly stated that he doesn’t support abortion as a form of birth control, his actions & legislation leave questions in even the most forgiving minds.
A few short days after his inauguration in 2009, the President was invited to address the March for Life crowds, which his predecessors had done for years. He declined, merely issuing a statement on the Roe v. Wade decision, “…We are reminded that this decision not only protects women’s health & reproductive freedom, but stands for a broader principle: that government should not intrude on our most private family matters.”
“… [N]ot intrude on our most private family matters” is an interesting phrase based on the legislation he has supported…Not to mention an interesting choice of words when he has notoriously compared himself to great men like Abraham Lincoln & MLK.  
MLK was a voice for America & every value we hold dear. His words are etched in the stone of America & the hearts of every human being, regardless of skin color. His influence over many lives, both at home & abroad, is profound to say the least. But most importantly, MLK was a voice of the people. He overcame persecution & abuse; he overcame hatred & bigotry…He spoke loudly & was unafraid in his quest for equality within the borders of the land he loved. But like many federal holidays, the true meaning of his words & message now fall on deaf ears.
So again, on January 22nd the masses of pro-life citizens will arrive in Washington to stand united & strong in the March for Life, just as they have done every year since 1974. Many will be mindful & strong against the abhorrent “healthcare” legislation that devalues one’s choice not to fund the murder of innocent children that’s been proposed during the administration of what supposedly represents the Dream’s fruition.
Deuteronomy could never be more poignant—“I have set before you life & death, blessings & curses. Now choose life, so that you & your children may live.”
It will be interesting to see what President Obama chooses to say this year, if he says anything at all.
Will you, Mr. President, truly be a voice of the people or do Congress & poll numbers take precedence? What will your indelible mark on American history become?
MLK’s day of remembrance signifies many things for many people; but, it can never be denied that it is a day during which we must renew our promise & commitment to everything that he believed in…everything that is America—the value of Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness.

Negligent Excuses for a Horrific Form of Muslim “Law”

A few days ago, I wrote an article about another advisor to the president with extreme views, Ms. Dalia Mogahed, in which I discussed, among other things, the danger in the words she spoke during an interview with IslamChannel in Britain.

The entire transcript of the interview with Dalia Mogahed & Dr. Nazreen Nawaz can be read here.

Ms. Mogahed has attempted to defend her remarks while on Muslimah Dilemma about Sharia’ah as “gender justice” in her most recent interview with U.S. News & World Report.   

When asked how she was booked on the show & if she had any knowledge of the “shaky” connections to the radical “political party”, Hizb ut Tahrir, Ms. Mogahed merely stated that her people had contacted a PR firm in Britain who had informed them the show was legitimate.

She then continues to state that she has no regrets about her remarks on the program, but rather would have perhaps thought twice about appearing on Muslimah Dilemma had she known who would be participating.

She also states that while Hizb ut Tahrir is admittedly an ideologically extreme organization, it is not her place as an “analyst” to comment on “ideological differences” and that her statements are representative only of the data she compiled & not of her own views.

After re-watching the program, I can state with complete confidence that nowhere during the course of the interview is Ms. Mogahed reserved in her statements, nor does she come across as uncomfortable in any way.

In fact, she states during the interview that while her conclusions are based on data she has collected, she concurs with those opinions.

So all in all, Ms. Mogahed, while perhaps having second-thoughts about her media performances, “means what she says and says what she means…”

The pathetic attempt at excusing the ideological differences, which are at minimum extreme, is disingenuous if not wholeheartedly negligent.

As an advisor to the President, she has an obligation to present the ENTIRE picture, not just what her skewed results appear to state. For example, as part of Sharia’ah, did Ms. Mogahed denounce the Honor Killings of late or are they, too, included as “gender justice”?

Was Noor Faleh Almaleki being run over by her own father, who condones Sharia’ah law, justified because he believed she was “too westernized”?

This is definitely the direction the United States, whose citizens enjoy an abundance of freedoms including that of life, could be headed if the population doesn’t speak out against such horrific crimes & those who fail to denounce them.

As President Obama once stated, we should judge him by who he surrounds himself with, not necessarily what we’ve “heard…”

“The Government Can” – Tim Hawkins

During a time in this great country when Americans feel more distanced from their “representatives” than ever…this video hits home.

Originally seen on the 9/12 Project website, this video is correctly described as “making you laugh…& yet making you cry.”

Wake up, uninformed America! We have a long road ahead of us which will only be exacerbated by the current government’s choices. 

Remind them they work for you!  


The assault by Progressive America spans party lines as the citizens lose their freedoms

The “change” voted into office a few short months ago was supposed to represent an overhaul in the “culture” that had become Washington—lies, corruption, blame, & partisanship. The candidate that was supposed to help unify & unite Americans—the “transcending racial barriers” candidate—this mere mortal man has created rifts so deep in the American psyche & deepened already existing ones such that race & color have become the least of the social issues. Now the government uses moral coercion to gain the American people’s support for their drastic overhaul & “fundamental change” in America. “Change” in and of itself arrived under the false “crises” premise as it usually does. Government handouts, entitlements, & wasteful spending describe the entirety of the current government’s “plan” for ‘recovery in America’—shredding an already fragile Constitution by playing on the fears of the public—“Destruction through Distraction.” 

Bankers, Wall Street, oil companies, Republicans, Libertarians, Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, and don’t forget the racists—all collectively to blame, but there exists not a second mention of the legislating body who implemented policies & regulations that worked to destroy what was left of laissez-faire markets. The government, by way of tapping the taxpayers, owns the largest chunk of private industry in history & just like could be expected, the taxpayer unwillingly forfeits any return on their “investment” in America’s future. 

Welcome to the New America. 

Do Americans believe that capitalism & free markets are the cause for the instabilities our country faces? No, they don’t. Could Americans finally be realizing that the direction the government takes us is inevitably the wrong one for not only our country, but also for our families & individual circumstances? 


Glenn Beck states in his recent book most properly titled, “Common Sense: the Case against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine,” 

“You cannot take away freedom to protect it, you cannot destroy the free-market to save it, & you cannot uphold freedom of speech by silencing those with whom you disagree. To take rights away to defend them or to spend your way out of debt defies common sense.”  

He couldn’t be more accurate. 

  1. “Taking away freedom to protect it”- The 2nd Amendment, for example, has been under assault for years. Regulations & restrictions have been placed on citizens, infringing on their right to bear arms, yet are often disguised as “precautions” to “keep people safe…” Operating under this “theory” would entail strict adherence to “people don’t kill people, guns kill people…” The direct assault tactic to disarm the people is uncommon, but rather the regulations & restrictions that consistently grow stronger, weaken the people’s ability to protect themselves & their families. The right to bear arms as originally intended is floundering.  
  2. “Destroy the free-market to save it” – By way of bailouts for financial institutions & car dealerships, Americans have watched silently as the government “saved private companies deemed too large to fail,” selling out to Unions & special-interest groups. The entire deal is eerily reminiscent of 1963 when railroad unions demanded the government nationalize railroads to preserve [ultimately useless & unnecessary] jobs by “preventing human disaster on their one-way track of making profit at human expense.” Like the totality of the Statist’s agenda, “moral imperatives” or “humanitarian” efforts are not targeting only the “rich,” but actually undercutting successful & competent people of all income levels. What’s portrayed as a “redistribution” of profit & wealth is actually much more than that—an undermining of not only business achievement, but of Capitalism and thus, the original American system itself. 
  3. “Uphold freedom of speech by silencing dissent” – Earlier this month, even after the defeat of the original Fairness Doctrine, the FCC named attorney Mark Lloyd their new Chief Diversity Officer. Mr. Lloyd was not only the Senior Fellow at the uber-liberal CAP organization, but he also recently (and I do mean June 2007 recent) co-wrote a report entitled, “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” in which he discussed re-enforcing “localism” and its use as a weapon to cut down on the number of Conservative & Christian radio broadcasts that exist. Not only is Mr. Lloyd condoning censorship in effect, he is yet another one of the wealth redistributors so common-place in America today. His policies seek to mandate that conservative radio stations pay a fine of up to $250 million per year, which would then be directly funneled into National Public Radio where there are more liberal voices. So, the question remains…what entitles a person or company to make use of something by taking it forcibly from others, particularly when they didn’t themselves contribute to its existence? If freedom of speech ever fully dies in America, the origin of its fall will be clearly traced back to the broadcasting industry.

The reality remains that any & all power the government now has, we have given to them. 

An uninvolved people will fail to notice as their liberties give way to government control. 

The American people must cease to allow others to tell them that their “rights” are to be solely established by the government.   


There is a struggle between two cultures in America today: freedom & responsibility versus control & dependence. 

“Freedom” within the scope of this political struggle means “freedom from government coercion” and that alone. The delusion that this struggle either doesn’t exist or is vastly different from the conflicts between the Individual & the State that have been waged before under various names—fascism, Nazism, socialism, feudalism, & even the “Welfare State”—is astounding & can be partially contributed to poor history lessons & false propaganda. If what a people truly desire is “freedom” within the intended context, then there exists but ONE solution—Capitalism in its entirety. It is the only moral system that serves both the political & economic aspects of life, guaranteeing man’s individual rights, thus defending them. 

Ayn Rand chronicled the state of European countries & the inevitable direction America is headed best when she said, 

…It is only after men have chosen slavery & dictatorship that they can begin the usual gang warfare of socialized countries—today, it is called pressure-group warfare—over whose gang will rule, who will enslave whom, whose property will be plundered for whose benefit, & who will be sacrificed to whose “noble” purpose.” 


Ayn Rand describes the actions recently taken by our government as “anti-concepts” or succinctly the act of under-handedly destroying particular concepts without discussion. 

How is this accomplished in modern-day America? By summersaulting with semantics, of course! Anyone taking “Hope & Change” for .50 cents? Anyone? Anyone? 

Progressives often find themselves in a battle with vocabulary as they strive to disguise their ultimate goal & the steps that such a culture-shock would require. As we’ve witnessed most recently during the health care meetings, words are used to distract & cause commotion—“deathers,” swastikas, Hitler, racist, brown-shirts, etc—while in the next breath, “moral imperatives” are the “true” means & reasons for passing what Americans are showing overwhelming opposition to.   

Take for example the White House & the Left having deemed all Town Hall participants as “Right-wing Extremists”& Astroturf plants—and then recall the Texas Obama Delegate, I mean DOCTOR—& one would surmise that slandering American citizens had become a new summer recess blood-sport for our “leaders.” 

So break it down… 

“Extreme” has the potential to be anything so long as it is “great in degree.” In saying that all of the Town Hall people are “Right-wing Extremists,” the Left has done themselves a disservice not just by attacking citizens & portraying them under false pretenses, but also by assuming that these individuals are people separate from the “average American.” 

What makes them separate & who determines the “average” definition? Does the fact that these citizens hold an opinion opposite of the government’s automatically make them “extreme,” militia members, KKK, political terrorists, mobs, or fascists? 

Or do you believe, like Professor Marc Lamont Hill, that because the Town Hall meetings are attended by the       elderly white population (who essentially grew up as racists in a different time), that there is a reason for such categorizing? I mean, what sort of racists would work to overthrow Hitler’s death squads & free the Jewish people & all of occupied Europe? The audacity! 

The Left would do well to remember that plenty of “crazies” who now are essentially common definitions of terms like “Communist,” “Racist,” or “Terrorist” come from “their side”—trust me…we don’t want to start playing this game! 


The Progressive movement in general is antithetical—they paint what is not evil, as evil; what is evil, as noble; they disguise immorality as morality & vice-versa. However, don’t mistake the “Progressive” movement as merely the Democrats or Liberals, both parties are guilty in this “living document” Constitutional destruction match. The American people have elected “Conservatives” (by name only) who fail to advocate for those very principles against Statism & the Liberal causes; they (Conservatives) attempt to stealthily defend the most moral & yet misunderstood system in the world. They apologize for Capitalism around every corner, while reaping the benefits of such a system in their own careers & lives.   

Americans in general play by the rules be that by paying taxes, obtaining credit they can afford to use, purchasing/applying for firearms & ammunition legally (as well as hunting & fishing permits)—now they are watching their government as it grows more bold & decisive becoming the antithesis to their own actions. Everything from ‘sweetheart’ mortgages, printing money, spending recklessly as if America’s economy were a board game—Hell, even poker champions are more frugal with their placing of bets! To the point where even drunken sailors would receive the benefit of the doubt here… 

The American people have allowed their country to be taken over by a “living monster.” That monster is the government & in the words of Howard Dean, “It’s time to take America back!” The government that was specifically structured to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is long gone. Americans have permitted the loss of their freedoms by sitting idly by as the government systematically dismembers these liberties in the name of “protection.” We’ve witnessed multiple full-fledged assaults & utter disregard by the government for the Rule of Law & America’s Constitution and American citizens are paying the price.

So as the Obama Administration sets up their “citizen-fishy-spy force” under new names & as our supposed leaders target any & all dissenting voices, I’m unsure if this vilification of “average” Americans—err, I mean “Extremists”—could be more “in your face.” 

Take that, Saul Alinsky.

Sarah Palin fighting against the decline of American values

Time & time again, particularly since the last election, many Conservatives find themselves in a place where they feel scrutinized for their values & must defend them. A reader of mine “informed” me that I’m “Mexican for God’s sake!” (Gee, thanks for that much needed clarification by the way) & that there must be something seriously wrong with me if I feel the need to “empower the rich, white man…” by championing & writing for Conservative causes—small government, anti-abortion, pro-gun…aka Personal Responsibility & Freedoms.

And time & time again I’ve defended my position, sometimes because I just enjoy watching Liberal brains squirm to understand what an “anomaly” I must be, & each time I have made my case I draw similar conclusions about the Liberal mind:

Being a “minority” REQUIRES that I take all that I can from the government & live in abject poverty blaming EVERYONE but myself for my situation (or supposed situation) for the rest of my life.

Oh, and I also must indoctrinate that “value” into every youth & other “socially unaware” individual I come across…


I have never & will never support President Barack Obama in his quest for social justice, cosmic justice, or anti-Capitalist rule. However, as most remember, I was extremely unhappy with John McCain’s nomination as well—why? Moderate, gray-area “Republican” views worry me. It’s as plain & simple as that. These types of people, while they are welcome within the Republican Party in general, when in power lead to “Lindsey Graham & W. Bush prescription-drug-plan” types of leadership.

Then, during the last election cycle, came the “New Face of Feminism” & much to my surprise…She was not only unabashedly Conservative, but was also a strong & successful woman who rose from modest means to influence many women (& men) through her own example setting—by not compromising her values to expedite her own agenda.  

Her rise (post-selection for the VP spot on McCain’s ticket) in the public eye has brought forth some of the usual slandering, but what is a shame, is the fact that unlike the scrutiny other women have faced as they entered the political arena, many of the attacks focused on her children. They focused on truth & integrity, both are characteristics which she possessed much to the complete surprise of the Left—she was forthright in regards to her daughter’s pregnancy and therefore she was vilified. She held fast to her family values & honored her responsibilities as not only a Governor, but also as a mother & wife which unfortunately many in Nevada feel that Senator Ensign did not. If only we could have been so lucky.

Unlike the Left’s favorite divas (Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, & Nancy Pelosi—and not necessarily in that order), former Governor Palin is nothing short of a hard-hitting, tell-it-like-it-is American woman of good, original Conservative values who, like many Americans, is tired of the anti-American agenda the Leftist culture is currently hell-bent on establishing in our country.

She represents not only a large majority of Northern Nevada but also a large majority of this country (even though CNN would have you believe differently) & in light of recent “overhauls” & the crushing of America’s economic system…this may lead to a Conservative resurgence in 2012, hopefully similar to that of 1980.

Her recent resignation has been seen by some in the MSM & even some within the Republican Party, as a surrendering & an admission of defeat.

I don’t see the resignation in this way.

I see it as Sarah Palin coming to the realization that she will be much more effective for the overall Conservative (but more importantly American) cause outside of her Alaskan leadership position. It will give her a platform for saying what needs to be said without damaging the people of her state by way of becoming a distraction.

There is no denying that despite her resignation as Governor, the population as a whole has not lost interest in her—I agree with Rush Limbaugh’s perspective on this issue when he stated that she is the only person on the Right that scares the living day-lights out of the press, the Obama administration, & the rest of the Liberal machine.

Her speech was not reminiscent of a woman seeking a presidential nomination in 2012, but was one of a woman who holds steadfast to foundational Conservative principles & now her national platform will easily allow her to promote those principles—she is a true “voice for the people.”

It’s been obvious for some time now that true journalism in America is dead. No where was it more evident than in the press who perpetrated personal attacks on her family & attempted to “slice her throat” if you will. These actions are direct results of a decline in morality—an erosion of the American character & worst of all, an out-of-control freefall of a system of values & principles that once elevated each & every man, woman, & child to aspirations beyond their wildest dreams.

This new dream—once the pursuit of liberty & independence from oppressive & intrusive government, want & need—is now spiraling us downward towards an inevitable nightmare. It seems that the dream now consists of a dependence on others (the government) to solve problems, others to control how it is that we may live our lives (government & Hollywood), what we can & cannot drink or eat (the government), and worst of all what we are allowed to think (the MSM & modern-day public education)…

Greatness & the pursuit of such is what has drawn so many to this country in the past & continues to do so today. We cannot afford to lose the American Dream.

It is truly a sad day for America when her citizens are afraid to stand up to the anti-Americanism so rampant in our culture today. And when they do, they are demonized & ripped apart for doing so.

There is absolutely no doubt that Obama & his administration have overrun & potentially broken our country to a point where it is almost unrecognizable for many of us. He, along with the Leftist underbelly of America & our monopolized education system, have planned & begun to execute nothing short of a quiet revolution to destroy the very foundations & rights we have today. The rights to life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness as written by the founding fathers & secured for us by the blood of our ancestors…These are ancestors that are white, black, brown, or mixed—it’s irrelevant—ancestors that include anyone who helped to make this country great & strengthen the America we have enjoyed in the past & hopefully will continue to enjoy in the future.

So, it is true that Governor Palin may be a little green behind the ears, but I can tell you this…

She embodies the spirit of America that has dimmed considerably in the past 20 years.

She is a fighter not afraid to take on the establishment & those she feels are a threat to the very way of life that made this country the greatest in the world.

The current dismantling of America’s foundations have made our fight to rebuild the moral fiber of this country even more challenging; we now have two fronts to combat in this struggle…

  1. the Left who are intent on destroying our culture—the American culture &
  2. those who acquiesce

As a fellow Conservative woman, I look forward to the political & intellectual growth & strengthening of Sarah Palin & any other women like her that will emerge within the next few years.

I will support anyone—man or woman, minority or majority—that vows to strongly resist this war that’s been waged on the America I grew up in.

May God bless this amazing country that has given Sarah Palin & others like her the opportunity or vision to one day hold such profound positions within America’s structure.   

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for blazing a trail that young women such as myself may follow & for laying a solid foundation upon which we may build.

Is the Obama Administration taking 2009 health care from fiction novels of the past?


As some specifics in the impending ‘health care reform’ legislation are leaked to the public, I would encourage the youth of America to pick up a book I read some years back entitled “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. Millions of Americans are slowly taking note of the changes in the value of life as a result of learning some of these details.

When it came to light that Obama believed the elderly were less worthy of medical treatment ‘investments’ than younger generations, a particular aspect of “The Giver” immediately came to mind…what is to be called the Release. When I read the book I remember thinking, “Who gives someone else the ability to determine when it’s ‘okay’ to end your life?”

I surmise my answer would now be…the Obama Administration.

Over the last week or so, I’ve heard of multiple parallels being drawn between Orwell’s “1984” & the new system that is being imposed upon America; for those not familiar with “The Giver” & its carefully designed Utopia, here is a quick summary of the society which is the book’s basis…

In the Community, the “world” is perfect. Every aspect of life is controlled. There exist no choices. Every person has a pre-determined Role in the Community—all competition between citizens has been eliminated in favor of a Community where all are working solely for the “common good.”

The family “unit” is constructed carefully—1 boy & 1 girl—an application must be filled out & approved by the Selection Committee & personalities must be complimentary to one another.

However, the docility of the Community is nothing more than a thick smoke-screen for the evils that go on—namely, the Release.

The Release is practiced on the ‘un-conforming’ young (i.e. a baby who cries during the night); the elderly who, by the Committee, are determined to have lived a “full life”; & anyone else who threatens the Community’s stability…

Flowery tides of carefully designed euphemisms distance the Community from the realities of Release.

The Giver’s Community is the epitome of “safety” & is free of both poverty & war. So what could possibly be the ‘down-side’ to this place? There exists but only one person with a memory of the past—he is the Giver.

Are the Orwellian-style controls & the promises of “the greater good” really worth losing America’s foundations?


The proposed legislation is supposed to have been specifically designed to cover the masses of uninsured individuals & make health care in general more affordable for everyone. That entire concept as it is currently structured, defies all logic.

(And on a side note, the fact that I can’t even say “uninsured American citizens” makes me angry!)

This Ted Kennedy-esque health care is not free & it is not by any stretch of the imagination “universal.” It really is just a different series of stepping stones towards another bankrupt Ponzi scheme like the Medicare we all know & love. Subsidized health care means specifically that one group of Americans/Illegal Immigrants will receive health care at no direct cost to them, but at the expense of other Americans’ contributions.

Democrats are correct when they say the current system needs reform, but the reasons they give are not accurate portrayals of the problem & frankly, the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM itself in America is the best in the world. It is the health care INSURANCE industry that is in need of reform & ‘reform’ is not synonymous with ‘overhaul’ or ‘take-over.’ The definition of “insurance” has been lost somehow within the last 50 years & this is further addressed by Ann Coulter’s article later in this piece…

The proposed legislation begins & ends with false promises.

The creation of a new centralized-power government insurance plan intended to heighten competition in the marketplace is presented in a way which would lead one to believe that they will be permitted to keep their current employer-provided health care. Reality dictates that this proposal essentially provides small-business with incentives to drop the coverage they now offer their employees at current astronomical costs & pay the fine…thus everyone is “free to join the public option.”

This means that the “competition” the government plans are said to provide in the marketplace are rendered entirely fictional. How could these private plans possibly compete with a government plan in the first place? The government, at their discretion, can further subsidize the ‘public option.’  

According to the Lewin group, an estimated 100 million Americans will be forced out of their private insurance plans as a result of this ‘sweeping reform.’ The plan also lays out a clear path for 11 million additional individuals to be enrolled into the already insufficient Medicaid program from low income, minority brackets.

Also, there are to be fines imposed on individuals who elect not to purchase health insurance because they a) don’t feel the need or b) can pay for their medical costs out-of-pocket. The argument for this is “What if you ended up in the E.R. & could not pay? You would then become everyone else’s problem & responsibility…” Well, pardon me but is that not exactly what we do for illegal immigrants currently?

Obama has also said that “…health care decisions will not be made by the government” & in the next breath describes the new Federal Health Board that will tell doctors which treatments can be had by which people.

He has attempted to tell the American people that health care spending will be cut with the implementation of this bill; the reality is that he will do this through reducing physician incomes & turning away “bad investments”—the elderly.


I find “Liberalism” in general to be a huge contradiction in & of itself—the value of life is one of the largest hypocritical positions this ideology promotes.

For example, how is it that self-described ‘bleeding heart’ Liberals are fine with an elderly individual who has lived a generally peaceful, productive, & loving life being told that he/she is no longer worth the “government’s investment” & then is “lovingly given” the attention of a government-appointed shrink who attends to their “End of Life” counseling to help ease their impending death?

Some are even supportive of infanticide up until the time when the toddler can audibly discern one day from the next…

And yet, these very same ‘bleeding heart’ Liberals staunchly oppose the death penalty for murderers, rapists, & other violent individuals who have been convicted in a court of law? These very same people who are fine with what amounts to the slaughter of millions of children in the womb each year in this country…

The arguments for Universal coverage surround the belief that health care insurance is a “right.” The individuals who promote this have lost sight of the truth…

If we were to take that belief at face value, then explain to me how it is that a governmental body can take current health coverage away from individuals because it doesn’t meet their [government’s] qualifications? What gives the government the authority to determine what coverage is sufficient for an individual & what is not? Certainly not the Constitution.

Any other answer? Precisely.

The only way that health care could possibly be a ‘right,’ is if no man has the power or authority to take it away.

People that believe health insurance is a right would do well to remember that with every personal “right” comes personal responsibility.

Lack thereof seems to be the overall theme found within the “crises” our country has faced & Obama has “fixed” since his election. Even though it is constantly written off as inaccurate, personal responsibility & accountability for one’s actions—that is exactly where the “uninsured” group lacks direction & the evidence clearly supports that statement.


If we are to break down the “problem,” we should start by looking at who makes up the uninsured group.

According to a study by 2 economists of the Employment Policy Institute, 43% of the “47 million” uninsured can afford to purchase health insurance, but choose not to. And in 2007, the US Census data showed that 20% of uninsured households in America earn at least $75,000 per year.

So now we are left with who (by the authors) have been deemed the “involuntarily” uninsured—these people cannot afford health insurance, but the question still remains why it is that these people cannot afford it…Is it financially impossible or is it that after purchasing other non-necessary items (i.e. cell phones, flat screen televisions, & new cars), there is nothing left?

Let’s examine who comprises the “involuntarily” uninsured group.

Nearly 1/3 are high school drop-outs; disproportionately young; close to 1/3 are undocumented & illegal immigrants, primarily of Hispanic origin; & finally, 40% of these “involuntarily” uninsured do not work during the year

If we were to remove the undocumented immigrants from the equation entirely, we see that we are left with roughly 1/3 of 47 million—is it not obvious that ‘47 million’ is a grossly overstated figure? Would this, also, not be an incentive to become documented?

Proponents of this sweeping legislation continually “forget” to mention that programs already exist to help these individuals…Medicaid & Emergency Room visits that are essentially “complimentary.” Again, these already existing programs should be the ones reformed.


Furthermore, another piece within the misconceptions commonly propagated by the MSM & the new Statist Administration is accessibility— an independent study found lack of health insurance does not mean one has no access to health care. This same study then examined if the mortality rates of the “involuntarily” uninsured were drastically different from the voluntarily uninsured or the insured themselves—there was relatively no difference.

In her most recent article, “Take Two Aspirin & Call Me When Your Cancer is Stage 4,” Ann Coulter sums up not only the purpose of insurance, but also the mindset of “entitlements” perfectly…

“The whole idea of insurance is to insure against catastrophes: You buy insurance in case your house burns down — not so you can force other people in your plan to pay for your maid. You buy car insurance in case you’re in a major accident, not so everyone in the plan shares the cost of gas.

Just as people use vastly different amounts of gasoline, they also use vastly different amounts of medical care — especially when an appointment with a highly trained physician costs less than a manicure.

Insurance plans that force everyone in the plan to pay for everyone else’s Viagra and anti-anxiety pills are already completely unfair to people who rarely go to the doctor. It’s like being forced to share gas bills with a long-haul trucker or a restaurant bill with Michael Moore. On the other hand, it’s a great deal for any lonely hypochondriacs in the plan.” 


Another aspect of the proposal that must be addressed is the dictation that Americans & other individuals will undergo when the “selection committee reviews” if their previous health behaviors warrant treatment.

If these law makers would like to journey down this road, let’s see who comprises the current groups that struggle with a variety of illnesses & other health issues that can be directly linked to their own behaviors…

By recent estimates, of the roughly $2.5 trillion annual U.S. health care bill, nearly 10% of the expense can be directly contributed to poor personal choices. Therefore, somewhere around $240 billion of this spending relates to:

Obesity & Sedentary lifestyles, Substance abuse, HIV/AIDS- ½ of this spending is from Medicaid, Other sexually transmitted diseases…

These lifestyle results occur disproportionately in low-income (& often minority) communities—the same groups that receive a good majority of their health care for “free.”

When, in an unbiased manner, one carefully examines what the root cause of the health care coverage issues are today, it’s found that lack of personal responsibility is forefront & that those who do not personally endure their own health care costs are far more likely to behave in ways in which they are more susceptible to illnesses & health problems.


Obama’s health care proposals from both the House & Senate are set up to get as many people (Americans or otherwise) on the government “option” as possible. That is no “option.”

This attempt at putting more people on welfare will have the same results as other government “intervention experiments”: government dependence will increase dramatically & being “poor & disadvantaged” will be seen as beneficial to both majorities & minorities alike.

It seems this Statist government wants nothing more than to pursue their own ideals. They have bestowed upon themselves God-like powers with the ability to dictate who lives & who dies—they do this under the guise of promoting the “greater good.” They seem to feel not only “morally obligated” to make decisions for the rest of America’s citizens (because they see us as inferior to them), but they also believe they are entitled to make these decisions without ever having to live the repercussions of the legislation.

Attn: Legislators-

If your “reform” is not good enough for you to also participate in, if you would not place your children in this system by choice, then get off the backs of the American people.

Life is devalued as a result of this so-called Universal Coverage plan; an actual “right” is denied at the government’s discretion & yet so few people seem to be questioning this reality.

Life was meant to be protected. It is not something that is to be dealt & re-shuffled when the “superiors” deem necessary or in this case, cost effective.

I agree with Dick Morris in his most recent article “Rhetoric vs. Reality: Health Care by Orwell” where he states that…

President Obama’s rhetoric last night summoned the memory of “1984,” George Orwell’s novel of a nightmarish future — where the slogan of the rulers is “War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.” [& then concludes with] Orwell’s heirs should sue for violation of copyright.

The blighted future that exists in nations whose citizens view themselves as mere victims is astounding, but the nations with possibilities of prosperity for all begin with a free & responsible people.

Wake up, America.