“The Government Can” – Tim Hawkins

During a time in this great country when Americans feel more distanced from their “representatives” than ever…this video hits home.

Originally seen on the 9/12 Project website, this video is correctly described as “making you laugh…& yet making you cry.”

Wake up, uninformed America! We have a long road ahead of us which will only be exacerbated by the current government’s choices. 

Remind them they work for you!  



A Precious Life Never to be Forgotten

I was referred to this video through an email & then came across this article on a blog written by a Catholic priest.

It’s a touching story & an emotional video.

Although it is not among my typical pattern to re-post articles not focusing on the political arena, sometimes I’ve found that I need a reminder of the value of life.

A reminder of the value of children.

A reminder from God that we must NEVER take a moment for granted.

All I ask is that you take a moment, put aside your biases on abortion & human life, and really watch & feel the passion shown in the video.

Thank you & God Bless.

-LaGoldEyez of American Salsa

The direct link to the video of Baby Irena Marie: [vimeo http://vimeo.com/5557000 ]w=500&h=400

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Building a new culture of life – Personal Reflections from a faithful Catholic priest in the trenches

Last Monday night a parishioner came knocking on my door at around 10:30 PM. I already knew that Windy, an Indonesian woman married to an American by the name of Brian, was already in the hospital. Windy was seven months pregnant and her little baby girl was ready to be delivered early. The man who came to my door told me that the baby did indeed just arrive and the baby was not in good shape. In fact, the baby was being sent immediately from the Catholic hospital that is on our side of the city to another hospital where they care for the most delicate cases of little babies and children that are having serious difficulties.

I asked Miguel if a nurse had baptized the little baby. He did not know. So, I rushed over to the other hospital in order to baptize the little baby.

I rushed into the Neo-natal ICU unit. “Where’s the baby?” The nurse looked at me rather strangely. “Which baby?”, she asked. “The Peitz baby that was sent over from the Catholic hospital”. She looked at the computer screen. “The only baby that arrived is the baby being prepared for surgery.” I thought fast (not easy late on Monday night) and I assumed that this baby must be the baby that I am supposed to baptize. I baptized the baby and thanked all of the nurses that were present.

As I left the N-ICU unit and entered once again the waiting area to take the elevator down to the first floor of the hospital, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I could baptize his baby who was in really bad shape. We returned to the N-ICU unit and the man told the nurse that he wanted me to baptize his baby.

I turned to the man and said, “I baptized the wrong baby. Your baby is already baptized!” I then realized what had occurred. God used the little Peitz baby to get me to baptize another baby. If it were not for the Peitz baby, I would never have been there at that very moment.

I then asked the nurse to check the computer regarding the Peitz baby. New updated information had just arrived and she told me that the Peitz baby was still at the Catholic hospital and would not arrive for another two hours.

Rushing back to the Catholic hospital, I was able baptize little Irena Marie Peitz.

The next day the first baby that I had baptized died after surgery. A few days later, on Friday night, little Irena Marie joined the first baby in Heaven. Thanks to Irena Marie, the first baby is in Heaven.

Yesterday afternoon, at our little parish, a little saint was laid to rest. Although we are saddened by a great loss, we celebrated her life and rejoiced because she is truly in Heaven.

Throughout this entire ordeal, I could not stop thinking about the amazing example of Windy, Brian, their children, our parishioners, the doctors, the nurses and the chaplains. Everyone was doing what they could to save a life. Meanwhile, not too far down the road, the abortion doctor is doing all that he can to destroy little children.

The De-Throning of Ahmadinejad?

This coming Friday, June 12th, has remained relatively hush-hush, but is a pertinent day in history, not just for Iran but for the United States. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could “lose” his re-election & a new leader, namely Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the former Prime Minister of Iran (1981-1989), could step into his shoes.

Mir-Hossein Mousavi has portrayed himself as a “Reformer” & denounced President Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial as well as other statements he’s made. He believes Ahmadinejad’s fanatical foreign policy has desecrated Iran’s reputation globally. However, as Mousavi’s campaign has developed before the eyes of the world, his views, although cloaked by a more Western-cooperative rhetoric, are in direct alignment with the Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei’s.

Will the Supreme Leader give Mousavi the “nod”? Will he determine that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s effectiveness has reached its end in helping his regime? Do the Western cultures even understand the ultimate goal of Iran’s leaders?

We shall soon see.

The belief that a new “front-man” for the regime will mean a replacement of the radical Shia eschatology is a dangerous notion & the U.S. would do well to remember that fact. Anti-Semitism will continue to run as strong as ever through the heart of the Islamic Republic of Iran regardless of who is named President since the term does not hold the same Executive powers as in our cultures.

The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei holds absolute rule & final say on all issues, foreign & domestic.

Many in the Western regions have theorized that Mousavi’s election would mean the end of a nuclear-focused Iran & that the nuclear struggle between Iran & Israel will intensify if Ahmadinejad is re-elected.

In an interview with the Financial Times of the UK, Mousavi explicitly denounced suspending Iran’s nuclear programs stating that “there is a bad memory in this [suspension] regard…” following the previous suspension in 2003.

When asked how a resolution to this issue could come about & how his potential presidency would help, he replied, “…the issue doesn’t only depend on us. It will also depend on the discourse the Americans use & the issues they pursue. The more realistic they become & recognize Iran in this issue; naturally the better the ground will be prepared to find solutions.”

Honestly, I can’t say that President Obama’s recent Middle Eastern address was much help in regards to laying down our countries beliefs & I didn’t expect it would. Since he failed to forge an Arab-Israeli alliance against the “death cult” that currently runs the Iranian regime. And also how their nuclear-focused platform is a large part of the End Times prophecies that they have set out to fulfill. That is their ultimate goal.

President Obama only purported the belief that the decades of tension between our two countries remain our fault by way of our misunderstanding them. So if we were to examine relatively-recent history:

  1. In 1979, they seized OUR embassy. We did not seize theirs.
  2. They held hostage & tortured (truly tortured, not water-boarded) our diplomats. We did not do so to theirs.
  3. They aided in creating in Hizbollah (Hezbollah) similar to a Christian & Jewish-annihilating task force. America did not.
  4. Americans (as a Country) do not deny the Holocaust or call for the wiping of Israel off the map.
  5. We as a country do not believe we must “hasten the return of the Mahdi” by killing tens of millions of people to bring back our Messiah. Iran does.

And finally, we as a nation are not calling for the annihilation of Iran or its people.

Iran is calling for the annihilation of the United States of America.

And so, Iran will continue to sleep peacefully after the election of whichever candidate is selected it seems, since our current government body tiptoes around the Middle Eastern landmines & enforces nothing.

Either way, both countries have a scary 4 years ahead of them. Wake up, America.

‘Lest We Forget’ On This Memorial Day

Specialist Four Alfred Rascon immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was 3 years old from Chihuahua, Mexico. After graduating high school in California, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving as a battalion medic. He served with the Reconnaissance Platoon, Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry, & the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate) in Vietnam.

While with the Reconnaissance Platoon, they came under heavy enemy fire, outnumbered by roughly 400, killing several men & severely wounding several point squad soldiers. Ignoring direct orders to stay back until cover could be provided, Specialist Rascon tried several times to reach a wounded point machine-gunner, each effort of his combated with heavy enemy fire. After many attempts to reach his wounded machine-gunner, he got to his feet & purposefully placed his own body between the soldier & enemy fire, sustaining shrapnel wounds as well as a gunshot to the hip. Disregarding his own injuries, he dragged the machine-gunner off of the enemy trail, but found that his fellow soldier was already dead. He crawled back to safety, closer to his fellow soldiers. After hearing that the other machine-gunner was almost out of ammunition, he again crawled to his deceased comrade, stripping him of his bandoleers of ammunition & returning them to the other machine-gunner. As the other machine-gunner continued firing upon the enemy, suppressing them, Specialist Rascon again made his way to the fallen soldier, this time retrieving his machine gun, its ammunition, & spare barrel. Again he was wounded by shrapnel, this time in his torso & face. His point grenadier was injured by small-arms fire & shrapnel, & again ignored his own wounds and Spec. Rascon threw his own body over the grenadier, himself absorbing the incoming blasts & saving the soldier’s life. He continued sustaining wounds & disregarding them to save the lives & provide aid to his comrades until enemy fire ceased.

Afterwards, he directed the evacuation of his men & only after being inside the helicopter, did he allow aid to be given to him.

He spent 6 months in Japan recovering from his wounds & receiving the Silver Star. He became a Naturalized American citizen in 1967—often saying that he had always been an American in his heart—& returned to Vietnam for a 2nd tour in the 1970’s as a military advisor. His battalion mates recommended him for the Medal of Honor shortly after the attack on the Reconnaissance Platoon, but his paperwork was lost in the Pentagon for nearly 3 decades.

Former President Clinton awarded Rascon with his Medal of Honor on February 8, 2000.

Pvt. Neil Haffey is one of those who credit his survival to Spec. Rascon. “I have 4 daughters, & 4 beautiful grandchildren. I have a wonderful wife…Those are all gifts from Doc,” he says.

Specialist Alfred Rascon noted during his ceremony that the honor belonged to those who served with him that day & asked that they stand to be acknowledged at the White House.

“What you see before you is common valor that was done everyday. And those of you who served in the military—and continue to serve in the military—are very much aware of that. What you do every day, it is duty, honor, & country. And I’m deeply honored to be here.”

Memorial Day was once a day of solemn remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms so many enjoy.

Today the true meaning is often lost amid the picnics & BBQs that many believe signifies the impending summer season.

And while the day, originally, was established to remember veterans of the Civil War, we, as Americans, again find ourselves engulfed in situations where remembering those currently serving & those already fallen is so important. Although the importance & significance never should have waned…Men & women, like Specialist Alfred Rascon & other Medal of Honor recipients, speak of America & those who have served her with such pride. It is often difficult for me to comprehend that the real traditions of this day have been lost to feel-good 3-day weekends for so many & not just the youth of America…

And so I feel Johnny Q. Gogue III, said it best in his Memorial Day Observance Speech

“…Now as we see our fellow citizens arrive back from a foreign land, we should not forget those words each & every soldier spoke upon enlistment. Because when we look upon a solider returning from conflict in a foreign land, a disabled veteran, or a grave marker—these words should ring in your conscience…

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support & defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign & domestic…streaming from the eyes of the returning soldier.

That I will bear true faith & allegiance to do the same; & that I will obey the order of the President of the United States & the orders of the Officers appointed over me…sounding from the stumbling gait of the disabled veteran.

According to regulations & the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me, God…blasting from the cold, stone face of a grave marker.

Remember those that gave their lives, so that we may continue to live in freedom as spelled out in the Constitution of the United States & the Declaration of Independence…Lest we forget.”

God Bless the defenders of our great America on this & every other Memorial Day.


Politically Correct–Destroying Lives Everywhere

The Video: The History of Politcal Correctness

Early Marxist ideals are no different than our modern-day Politically Correct societies, namely the U.S. It is evident that the aphorism “United we stand, divided we fall…” holds true as those with these old principles divide people on any level they can to re-construct society on their terms. This begins with the destruction of the traditional family, racial classification, & sexual liberation. Older movements with similar values—Communism, Socialism, & Fascism—have become lost causes individually as we “learn from the past.” But have these ideologies truly been eliminated? Not a chance. They have been replaced with a stronger, more efficient Big Brother; old principles assembled under an all too familiar premise of unity—Statism. This form of political absolutism is now commonly referred to as “Progressivism”; Political Correctness being one of the key tools used to achieve power over the lives of many by establishing a “standard” that is indoctrinated into our youth, often unbeknownst to everyday America. Stemming from the Progressive movement are many “causes”—Environmentalism, Feminism, Sexual Liberation, LGBT, & Anti-War movements—largely based upon what I deem “Selective Science” or one-sided arguments, but none are more influential or wide-spread than Political Correctness. And few people have been more harshly slapped in the face by P.C. than Paulo Serodio, a naturalized U.S. citizen, born & raised in Africa.

Serodio was “gagged” by school officials at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) for self-identifying as a “white African-American” in a Clinical Skills course exercise taught by Dr. Kathy Ann Duncan. After a classmate (who was Black) claimed offense to his identification based solely on the color of his skin, Dr. Duncan instructed Serodio “never to define himself as African-American…because it was offensive to others & to people of color for him to do so…”Serodio was later prohibited from speaking or writing in any forum about the issue of race, ethnicity or culture by the Dean of Student Affairs at UMDNJ. In exchange, this “issue” would not appear “formally” on his transcript. Prior to Serodio’s censoring, he had written an article for the campus newspaper titled, “A More Colorful View than Black & White” in an attempt to explain his identifying as an African-American & to call for altruism & understanding on campus. After being informed of these conditions, he attempted to rescind his submission of the article & the newspaper denied his request, publishing the piece anyway. Shortly afterwards, he was verbally harassed, assaulted physically, slandered by classmates & some faculty, & his property was vandalized with no protection offered from the school. After being designated “class note-taker” for a different course & having the notes approved prior to posting them online, the same teacher who approved them filed a complaint with school administration & Serodio was required to submit to a Psychiatric Evaluation for which he was deemed “fit for medical student functions.” He appeared at his Disciplinary Hearing where his “objectors” were allowed to testify against him & then suspended for a period of “no less than 1 year” for “unprofessional behavior.” After being suspended, he could not qualify to take the 2nd-year board exams & thus could not enroll for his 3rd year at a different institution, nor once allowed to return to UMDNJ since he was technically “behind.” Serodio has since filed a lawsuit against the University, naming specific individuals & suing for reinstatement at UMDNJ & to the National Board of Medical Examiners which would allow him to take his board exams. He is also suing for retaliatory discrimination & damages.

 He has said, “I wouldn’t wish this to my worst enemy, I’m not exaggerating. This has destroyed my life, my career…” And he maintains that his self-identification as a “White African-American” doesn’t detract from or demean another person’s heritage, regardless of skin color. And that he had never had a problem with this term before & was frustrated that when asked to self-identify, he was then punished by not only fellow students but also officials/faculty for his identification. He says that he had always thought America had advanced beyond the colors of Black & White & that there is “…a distinction to be made here between ethnicity & being from Africa.”

This is disgusting & the exact problem with politically correct nonsense. UMDNJ is a public institution & therefore subject to all Federal & Constitutional laws. It should not be censoring the ways in which its students are allowed to define their race, nor should it be blacklisting viewpoints. It is naïve for this offended student to assume the continent of Africa is strictly a “black” one, since Northern Africa is home to predominately Arab & Semitic people. Are people from N.A. to be excluded from their African heritage in order to protect the hypersensitive feelings of someone else, in this case an “African-American” medical student?

In addition, prohibiting Paulo Serodio from speaking or writing about the issue of race, ethnicity, or culture, is a direct violation of his rights. Whether institutions of “higher education”—a term I use rather lightly—agree with it or not, the 1st Amendment most definitely applies to all of its students/faculty & since, in the Constitution, there is no “right to not be offended,” this liberal concoction of “feel-good” sentiments, also known as Political Correctness, should never usurp the actual Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech. And for those who believe “feelings & emotions” should be amended into the Constitution or it should be scrapped altogether, let me just make this clear…The Constitution is not a “living & breathing document” as so many modern progressives have claimed. It was never supposed to address every issue of the American people; it was intended to lay a framework from which states & their citizens would choose their own paths. It was written in this way so that the Federal government would not crush the people’s rights. The Founder’s are currently rolling in their graves.  

Why is Paulo Serodio denied his right to self-identify as a “white African-American” & yet Theresa Heinz Kerry does so with no backlash? They were both born & raised in Mozambique. How is this “offended colleague” of Serodio’s argument even valid? How about if I were to argue that I felt it offensive in one way or another that a Black person defines him/herself as an “American” because I’m American & my skin is not Black? I would most certainly (& justifiably) be called a racist. This is the problem with trying to please everyone & expecting everyone to please us. If this debate focused specifically on skin-color, “African-Americans” who were born in America should identify themselves as “Black Americans,” correct? And the same with Latino-Americans & Hispanic-Americans whose families have been in America for generations…they’d be Brown-Americans? What happens to all of the people that don’t fit one group or another? I don’t know…This is part of the reason I greatly despise labels that society uses when discussing race & ethnicity. It’s always flip-flopping—too constricting or too broad…Especially for anyone of mixed heritage, such as myself.

One woman in response to this lawsuit claimed that Mr. Serodio is “acting like an idiot” for pointing out the “literal truth over [the] Cultural truth…” Well, doesn’t that just about sum it up right there? Our societies are now so overwhelmingly politically correct that the truth is not significant enough to trump personal feelings & emotions. Discussions about race today revolve around defining oneself with a label worn as a badge of some sort. Then the discussion moves on to enforcing who is “worthy” enough of wearing that badge.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream & his words seem to be disregarded or used only for selective circumstances for it was him who said, “…the Negro is an American. We know nothing of Africa.” So one last question, if Dr. King’s ‘dream’ were actually realized, who would these badge-wearers that construct their entire identities around Africa (or any other continent for that matter) be?

James Hudnall said it best when describing political correctness, “…bigotry disguised as manners…you may think the touchy-feely names are more sensitive & empowering…but most of them are patronizing & segregating.”

Welcome to false utopianism & “change.”


“This Wasn’t Dr. King’s Dream- The Lost Civil Rights Movement”

A Transition from the U.S. Constitution to Government Dependence


I’ve contemplated long & hard how to begin this piece & I’ve come up with only one way, which I’m sure the race-baiters will love…The inauguration & new Presidency of Barack Obama has taught me many things & I’m sure there will be many more to come. But America has become so intrigued by fruitless rhetoric that I realized—in light of Ms. Garofolo’s comments about Tax Day Tea Party protestors being “racists,” only “hating a Black man in Office,” & informing “people of color” who participated that we were suffering from Stockholm’s Syndrome—how much farther that we, as a Nation, must come to make Dr. King’s Dream a reality. His dream encompassed many aspects of life that are often drowned out & dialed down by the obvious—color of the skin. Many of us voted our belief system this past election based on issues & still others voted based on the “historical” nature of it & little else. And whether many wish to acknowledge the negatives of that or not, we will again begin to see its repercussions in the structure of our society. America is a young nation with many strong foundational principles & values, but many of her people seem to have lost sight of those values & their antithesis now runs rampant through our communities & ultimately, our children.


History has shown us those people who devote themselves to helping others, to bettering their countries—work to improve them, even when what’s necessary isn’t popular & particularly when in front of other leaders whose values are different. It’s called “leading by example.” Those who don’t hold strong to their principles aren’t true “leaders;” they are self-serving, egotistical individuals & their desire to be accepted by all, regardless of morals & values, has brought our “leaders” to a most shameful place & is teaching our children that “selling out” in the name of popularity is acceptable. President Obama’s view of not only our country, but also the rest of the world is fundamentally misguided & it will cause us many more problems during his term, be that 4 or 8 years.


And as American leadership has withered away so has the Civil Rights Movement in America which transitioned from liberation & independence to victimhood & government dependence. It would be irresponsible to say this problem lies completely at the feet of politicians, whatever side they lean towards, but this attitude of dependence & ripping America apart at her seams is cyclic in the urban communities & for those politicians who claim to know the plight of the “disadvantaged” and really be representing the “little people”—well we’ll just say the fruits of their labor have yet to be seen.  


Take, for example, the “State of Black America” report issued by the National Urban League… 700 pages of information & ways to improve Black America all of which strictly rely on government. Many believe it “takes a village to raise a child”—if that’s the case, then it’s no wonder children grow up to be adults that believe they’re entitled to everything—this entitlement mentality has replaced strong work ethic & ultimately, pride. Statistics reported are said to be snapshots of “poverty & disadvantage” within urban America, and yet few “leaders” seem to be eager to examine why so many of these situations are so precarious…


“…For White workers, the March (2009) unemployment rate was 7.9% while it reached 11.4% for Latinos & 13.3% for Blacks…” (NCLR News Release, April 3 2009)


“Blacks are twice as likely as Whites to be unemployed, three times more likely to live in poverty, & upwards of six times more likely to be incarcerated…” (“State of Black America”, 2009)


Just two examples of information presented recently & what were the solutions to these problems according to the reports, you ask?


“…The current recession is clearly demonstrating just how precarious the economic situation is for many minorities…but President Obama is starting to put in place the policies necessary to create good jobs & higher wages, laying the foundation for long-term, broadly shared economic growth…” (NCLR News Release, April 3 2009)


“…Broadly shared economic growth?” Does that even make sense?! What happened to being unique & standing out in the crowd? What makes going through life “equally” as “disadvantaged” as someone else so attractive? What should be infuriating for more minorities—rather than just the select few who are called “traitors” to their race—are the following statistics:


  1. Blacks are less than 12% of the population & yet they account for: 50% of all new AIDS cases per year, close to 40% of ALL abortions, & 70% of Black babies are born to unwed mothers, growing up in single-parent homes. Each year since 1973 data indicates that Black women’s share of abortions is consistently twice that of their share of live births…In 2007, Blacks made up 17% of all live births across our nation—they accounted for 39.6% of all abortions…


  1. Hispanics make up only 15% of the population of America—in 2004, 28 of every 1,000 Hispanic women aborted their children. Hispanics also account for 22% of all new AIDS cases each year. There are many in the U.S. illegally, causing them to live without many of the freedoms that we enjoy daily, but for those who are legal 25.9% live in poverty, and 32.8% lack adequate health insurance.


  1. Even though there is so small a percentage of Native Americans/Alaskan Natives in the U.S. today, they are disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS…It is the 8th leading cause of death for men in the Native community from 35-44—they have a 40% higher rate of AIDS as the White population as a whole. Close to 30% of the Native American/ Alaskan Native population, according to the Census, live below the poverty line. And 26.8% lack sufficient health insurance, in spite of receiving government-funded a.k.a. “affordable” health care.


Where is the outrage about these obvious effects of the breakdown in family values & morals? Where is the outrage about the 1-sided fact “reporting…?” Why is it that the NUL & NCLR fail to mention that Black & Hispanic households with 2 married parents are not living in poverty? Or that poverty in all communities (Black/White/Hispanic/Native) is directly linked to single-parent homes?


And why is it that so many accept the so-called “facts” that young minority girls are to blame for the elevated abortion rates in America today? If you actually choose to read & research the statistics compiled in these reports, you would notice that they are percentages of abortions from all ethnic groups! That’s right! White, Black, Hispanic, Native, Asian, & Undisclosed…And they are all equally disgusting! The truth—girls (15 & under) from all  communities (White/Black/Hispanic/Native) account for less than 1.2% of all abortions yearly, teens (15-20) account for less than 20%, and 32% are obtained by 20-24 year-olds. In other words, those that consider themselves adults—who, even in their “adulthood” make some of the poorest choices possible for “social reasons,” refuse to accept responsibility for their actions & abortion is the only “light at the end of the tunnel.”


My point is this…an examination of the actual facts in communities, including those that are predominately comprised of minorities, would show that poor choices are found at the source of these problems. Everything from not finishing high school to having unprotected sex with multiple partners, to parents & other caregivers striving to be the adolescent’s friend, & those who would rather focus on their own lives…And yet leaders across the nation claim that poor education, low skill sets, & insufficient English skills are the sole barricades between access to high-quality jobs & these “disadvantaged” people.


The reality is that if barriers do exist, which I believe they do, it is the breakdown in family values & individuality—the replacement of those values with the proliferating dependence on government hand-outs—that has destroyed our communities. The fault lies within us & it must be pointed out & not left to the government to be fixed. You must CHOOSE to not be “disadvantaged.” And instead, we pride ourselves on our faith-based communities & yet we fail to abide by the Gospel—unless you practice Black Liberation Theology or a derivation thereof—extortion of the “rich” & the rest of the working class will never be the solutions to the problems within our communities.


And for those who believe that slums & poverty only exist because our “oppressors”—(white men/rich men/etc.)—wish to keep us subservient to them…grow up! Wake up & realize you cannot “change” anyone but you! And until you show progress & consistently demonstrate a stronger work ethic—you are no more worthy of anything than the drunk or the drug addict on the street corner, regardless of being Black, White, Hispanic, Native, Asian, or mixed.


There are many influential people whose thoughts formed historic, poignant speeches, but I do believe MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech would be most accurate in describing the plight of Americans today as a whole, not just those of darker colors…


“Again & again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force…the marvelous new militancy…must not lead us to a distrust of all White people, for many of our White brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone…Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends…”


Our lives are comprised of thousands upon thousands of choices—we must stop blaming others for problems that we create. We must teach our children that all actions come with consequences—both good & bad—& that in order to be a productive, successful person, they must accept responsibility for their actions. And also that those mistakes they have made in the past need to be used to better their futures, not to hinder & hold them back. We, as citizens from all communities of America, must return to the once strong belief that strength as individuals must come first, because without strength as individuals, our strength as a nation will be limited & ultimately restricted by our own anger & resentment for others who have already “made it.”


Both success & failure lie within us and the choice is ours.


Check here if you are “Disadvantaged” _______.



“Does Modern-Day America Mean Heritage Over Country?”

Does living in America today mean that your ethnic make-up comes before your country of citizenship? You would think, if you were looking at America from the outside, that this was the case…and I’m afraid, by the actions of many, this is an accurate perception. Today, thousands of students graduate yearly from American Universities and other places of “higher education” with a stunning lack of American pride, and an overwhelming embrace of everything foreign. Many of these young adults are led to believe that the U.S. has absolutely no right to wage war against any nation regardless of their threat to the US & it’s citizens, no right to place restrictions or guidelines on immigration of any kind—legal or illegal, and no right to the preservation of the nation our forefathers envisioned and meant for us to have by way of our founding documents. Many professors & teachers in our nation’s schools call our Forefathers “bigots” and yet the belief in protecting the country, (through persecution & the war against terrorists & others that wish to do us harm) in which they can spout such objections, is seen as most abhorrent. The Revolutionary War, in their minds, was nothing more than an economical injustice carried out upon those which the “bigots” opposed. People like William Ayers of the domestic terror group, Weather Underground, are praised as scholars & leaders of “multicultural education reform”—surely a model citizen. And Mumia Abu-Jamal, a convicted cop-killer, his crime is justified on ideological grounds by far too many. Our Politically Correct society today seems to have dismissed the murder of countless Americans on September 11th, 2001 and faulted capitalism, US foreign policy, prosperity, and Western Civilization in its entirety—never wanting to risk offending those who attacked us & their sympathizers.


America is under assault.


This is a country that has come far in a relatively short amount of time. A country where the responsibility of every American—black, brown, white, or mixed—should lie with the individual, but instead being “American” & “of color” is under assault. From within…and not in the way many in the MSM might think. There is more and more talk, in a nation that is supposedly so “united” behind Hope & Change, of claims for reparations for Blacks & other minorities. A SEPARATIST idea that is sure to fuel a fire between African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, etc. & the nation that gave them the freedoms they (and many other races) enjoy today. Being a “victim” in America today is your best shot at being noticed…that’s sad. That’s sad for all Americans, regardless of race. And I’m fed up. I cannot take another person telling me that because I’m “Hispanic” I’m somehow disadvantaged. I’m so tired of people feeling “sympathetic” when they ask me about my college education & financial situation—and while I take pride in saying that it’s “In Progress”, they automatically assume it’s because I haven’t been shown the “right way…” I haven’t applied for enough government aid or because I didn’t have good enough grades in High School, but rather “only had potential…”


The truth…I had a 3.97 GPA in High School & it was because I applied myself. Even though I often hated every last minute of it, I promised my father I would at least go that far—and I did. And further. I was awarded grants & scholarships & money that I chose not to accept at that time because I didn’t like the stigma associated with it. Now, don’t take this out of context…don’t think that I’m implying taking financial aide for your education is wrong—I’m not. For some, it’s fine. I even encourage it in certain situations because I believe that education is part of the great contribution we, as “minorities”, can offer to the American society as productive members. But for me, I’m plugging away at my education, piece by piece, course by course…part of my reward is found in knowing that I did it myself in every way I could & have yet to ask for help. I am one who chooses NOT to be a “victim” of my heritage.

President Obama recently spoke about “Universal Education” from kindergarten until your first job—he said something about this being the way to secure America’s future—yes, that’s right…by handing out more “government assistance” a.k.a. our tax dollars to pay for yet another colossal spending project. All for us “disadvantaged minorities & our communities”, right?


It’s enough to send me through the roof! I’ve had enough! I’m so tired of listening to “leaders” in our communities tell me & other people from similar backgrounds how evil the White man is! I’m tired of caring about people & communities that don’t care about themselves. They receive funding continually and most do not take advantage of such opportunity. They drop out of schools. They sleep around & impregnate or become impregnated at younger & younger ages. They don’t care. I’m sick of the Hillary Clinton’s & Jesse Jackson’s of the world that constantly defend the government monopoly on education systems that fail our youth—as a result, we see an ever-increasing inner-city youth that cannot read, write, or compute at grade level. That is not the “White Man’s fault.” That is YOUR fault. Yes, I said it. If you choose not to better yourself, that is YOUR fault. Many of these “leaders” continue to try fighting against “white supremacy & racism” as if the conditions that existed during the Jim Crowe days remain unchanged. We give these leaders full permission to say whatever it is they want, always describing the

White Man as the enemy, and yet the truth is—we minorities are our own enemy. Prior to MLK (in many minds), the White Man was the only obstacle between the Black Man & his success…Post-MLK, it’s the Hispanics that are the problem.


Why is it that so few minorities see the pattern here? Where is the personal responsibility? If the church (whatever denomination it is) is such a corner-stone in our communities, why is there not more of a pro-active role taken?


Listening to a radio show the other day, a Black woman told the host of the show (I’m paraphrasing here) that since the Hispanics had taken over her community violence had erupted on the streets—and that we (Hispanics) are the reason she has no job. She said that she was an American & wanted to know where her slice of the pie was…where was her job? After moving past the initial rage, the conclusion I can draw from that statement…people of non-European backgrounds have not changed, in large part. But rather, the way they view other groups & skin colors has adapted to disguise how it is that they discriminate. The way that “we” discriminate…and I only include myself in the “we” because I’m “Hispanic” too! So now it should be a little clearer that “White” is not the issue here…The issue that we must get past—ourselves.


Diversity is strength—that is why this nation thrives ten-fold to racially & culturally specific countries that allow no free exchange of ideas, cultures, religions, etc. And when being American suits you (as a minority) you claim it…but otherwise, you denounce it & call for reparations & claim discrimination. You hyphenate the word “American” placing your preferred group in front of it. And yet, when a new “group” moves in you are just “American” again.


Not me. I’m proud to be an American. I am an American first! And that doesn’t mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that I am not proud of my family’s heritage. Any of you who know me personally know that I attend Catholic mass in Spanish, my favorite music is in Spanish, and I celebrate the Fiesta of Guadalupe with the best of them. But I live in America & I’m damn thankful I’m not in the “old country” as my grandmother used to say.

An American,